February fashion forecast

February 7th, 2013

Try gazing out on the Quad on any given day of the school week, and what will you see? Black North Faces, jeans, Ugg boots, Timberlands, sweatpants, yoga pants, leggings and more North Face jackets. Yes, the variation is lacking, but who wants to dress up when they have to trudge through the snow for that 8 a.m.?

We are all guilty – yes, even the fashionistas on campus – of throwing on the bland jackets that coincide perfectly with the gray slush and frigid temperatures and slipping into that long-anticipated February fashion coma.

To beat the gray skies and icy patches here are some tips to keep you warm and brighten up your winter walk-to-class wardrobe.

Coats: think cute and classy

Nix that North Face for a fitted pea coat. Not only is this look fresh and sophisticated, but it pulls together any jeans and boot look.

Boys, keep your eyes peeled for a black, charcoal or gray color.

Girls, focus on brighter colors such as maroon, dark green or navy to make your look pop.

Style it with a scarf

Score with a sensational scarf. Scarves not only keep you warm and toasty but add that touch that shows you put some thought and effort into your outfit. Girls, infinity scarves are hot right now! Boys, look for scarves with patterns to keep it classy.

Snow solutions

Don’t be afraid to layer your clothes to create interesting combinations while adding extra warmth! Vests are making a comeback in fashion, and throwing on a long- sleeved shirt underneath creates a polished look. Also, play around with patterns such as checkered, stripes or plaid to make your outfit more unique. Not only will the patterns make you stand out, but also will brighten up a dreary, winter day.

Bring on the boots

Put those Uggs and Timberlands back in the closet and bust out some new kicks. Girls, the classic combat boot is edgy but still practical, and you can’t go wrong with a simple pair of riding boots. Also, adding a warm wool sock that comes over the boot line keeps you extra warm and keeps things interesting. Boys, try some ankle cut brown or black boots that keep your style in check while keeping you dry.

Heat up with headbands and hats
Heat up with headbands and hats. Have fun with these accessories to play up your own personal style. Girls, headbands with flowers or that are knitted keep you looking good. Boys, plain-colored hats bring out a little style that we all want to see.