Carroll revamps dining options

September 16th, 2010

JCU Dining has taken great strides to improve the overall eating experience at Carroll. The changes include a complete remodeling of the Inn-Between and a revamping of the former Java City (which is now the Student Center Barista). There have also been menu changes at both locations.

The changes made to the Student Center Barista were long overdue. Most noteworthy is the switch to fair trade products. As a social justice university, John Carroll sponsors many fair trade events. Now that this is an option at the Barista, fair trade is represented in the food services industry on campus. The University should follow the lead of this café and expand these efforts to other JCU Dining areas around campus as well.

The other menu revisions are a positive change for the environment that they are trying to create. With the addition of chalkboards to display the menu and a revision of their hours, now open until midnight, it will be much more accessible to students during the late-night study hours.

The Inn Between has also undergone many positive changes. Like the rest of JCU Dining, they have switched to Coke products, which benefits the campus financially and environmentally. Prior to this year, the food was largely either processed or frozen. The fact that they now vend locally grown produce and meats is commendable. These changes constitute healthier opportunities for students who frequent the Inn Between, and should be recognized as a step in the right direction.

But they have also sacrificed several important elements. During this transition period to a whole new setup, it is important that JCU Dining keeps the Inn Between fully stocked. With the elimination of several food options, students rely more on the products in the aisles and refrigerators for their purchases. If these do not remain stocked, students will be more hesitant to embrace the changes.

As long as the managers of these eateries are attentive to the student requests and concerns, the changes have the potential to enhance the overall campus dining experience at Carroll.