Students will soon have new wheels to get around town

April 29th, 2010

Student group, City cooperate on a new program to provide students with free bikes for use

Professor Miles Coburn’s legacy rides on as the student-run Environmental Issues Group will implement a bike program in his honor for the John Carroll University community in the fall of 2010. 

“Our goal is to make John Carroll more sustainable and environmentally-friendly,” said junior Raymond Chahoud, president of EIG. 

EIG hopes this bike program will raise awareness about the over-use of cars on campus.

“We do not need our cars to go to Target, Whole Foods or Cold Stone. We can use our bikes and exercise, improving our health and helping the environment,” said Chahoud. 

Students in EIG approached University Heights with the idea of creating this program, asking if the City would donate bikes.

“The City’s involvement has been to provide bicycles for this University program. As more bikes become available for donation, we will continue to donate them for this program,” said Susan Infeld, University Heights mayor. 

The program thus far has 28 bikes,

which Chahoud said will be painted gold and blue and will be designed by Peggy Coburn, Miles Coburn’s widow. Infeld said that the City will continue to donate bikes as they become available.

The bikes will be stored outside of the Lombardo Student Center and in winter the bikes will be moved into the Dolan Science Center garage, where a space has already been allocated for them.

Students will be able to check bikes out free of charge. 

All costs will be covered by EIG, whose funding will come from grants and donations given by venders in the community.

Maps of different routes through nearby cities will also be available to students. 

Sophomore Dana Infante said the program is a good idea for JCU. 

“I think it’s a really great opportunity for students because I know a lot of people complain that our environmental rating was a D, and this program could be a great way for JCU to become a more green campus,” said Infante. 

The bikes will have other uses as well. 

EIG would like to use the bikes in new physical education classes, such as cycling, and in JCU’s annual Ride for Miles event. 

Also, the student group would like to have a weekly bike ride for interested students. 

Besides working with the City, EIG is also working with the Recreation department, Facilities Department, Office of Student Activities, Campus Security, Student Union, and the Coburn family to form the bike program.

Student Union President Amanda Papa is also supporting the program.  

“The Student Union is in support of the bike program and working with

Raymond to help in any way we can,” said Papa.  

Junior Juanita Padilla, president of Generation Green, agreed with implementing the program at JCU.

“We definitely support such a program. John Carroll is pretty close to most places where we might be going, so using bikes would be a great alternative to driving around,” Padilla said.

Infeld was happy that the City could cooperate with JCU students on creating the program and hopes they can continue to in the future. 

“I look forward to working with the University to bring more of these project ideas [to] fruition,” said Infeld.