Under pressure

February 25th, 2010

In 1981 Queen and David Bowie recorded “Under Pressure.” Or if you were born in the ‘90s, you know it as the original song that Vanilla Ice ripped off for “Ice Ice Baby.”

Anyway, although it isn’t my favorite Queen song (that title goes to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” duh) I have had quite a strong connection to it lately. In fact, for the past few months it has been the theme song of my life.

Something is wrong with me. I have had chronic headaches for about three weeks now and I keep falling asleep. I can’t figure it out.

I thought at first that it was lack of sleep due to the grueling hours Craig Willert and I put into this here newspaper to ensure that the editorial and op/ed sections are up to par. I have since ruled out this possibility.

I know it isn’t a lack of caffeine because I’ve been through rehab for my Mountain Dew addiction before and this isn’t the same thing.  I would tell you how I know it’s not a sinus infection, but that may be crossing the grossness line.

So what I’ve attributed it to is the fact that all of the pressures of my life have combined to attack one section of my head at a time. I think it’s an excellent theory. Here’s why:

I’ve got lots of things to be pressured about. One is this very column that you are reading. Apparently, I write pretty interesting things because people read them.

A few Saturdays ago there may or may not have been a party in my basement. I walked downstairs and was practically run down by a fan. Seriously, he was being ushered out by his friend when he grabbed my arm and said something along the lines of “I don’t remember your name, but I love your column. I’m weird too!” (He was referring to the Chapstick in the Feb. 11 issue. If you haven’t read it, do it.) Now, whenever I think of this interaction my head starts to hurt. I have to write something worth reading, something meaningful. Unfortunately, this column probably won’t be it.

Another thing pushing down on me is something that’s probably also pushing down on you: school. It’s midterm time or nearing it for most people, meaning that assignments are due and tensions are high.

My classes aren’t all that hard, but it is difficult to try and keep everything straight–especially when trying to maximize the excellence of my senior year.

Yes, unfortunately for all of you who have joined me in this addiction (ha ha, get it?) there are only a few installments left, which leads me to my next point.

I have to come up with a future. It is quite a big task. College teaches you that you have to figure out who you are and then after that the possibilities are endless. However, college didn’t count on an economic crisis.

It kind of stinks that whenever you tell anyone in the “real world” that you are a senior they look at you with pity in their eye and say “I’m sorry. So what are you doing next year?” Pressure is high.

But I’m not the only one going through any of this. That’s the beauty of college. We all are subjected to this amount of pressure at the same time.

It’s cool to know that even in my misery and constant head pounding there’s someone right there with me. That’s solidarity, people. Dig it, I know I do.

So if the next time you see me, I look as though I’m carrying an elephant or two on my back, give me a high five and whisper “dun dun dun da da dun dun.”

I promise I’ll laugh and be up for a dance party or even a few verses of “Ice Ice Baby” if Queen isn’t your thing.