Topic: Supreme Court

In animal rights case, Court upholds First Amendment

With an 8-1 majority decision, the Supreme Court passed yet another ruling that strengthened the First Amendment right of free speech. The Court ruled on April 20 to overturn a federal law that restricts the ability of individuals to create and distribute videos featuring animal cruelty such as dog fighting. This case, combined with the…

A divided Supreme Court rules against restricting campaign contributions

In an effort to extend the First Amendment right of freedom of speech to business organizations, the Supreme Court decided against the government’s ability to restrict a corporation’s campaign contributions for elections.  While many in support of this decision view it as a rightful extension of freedom of speech that had been denied for decades,…

Supreme Court upholds ban on partial birth abortion in 5-4 vote

The Supreme Court last week ruled that the nationwide ban on a specific partial birth abortion procedure was to be upheld. The 5-4 decision said that it is constitutional to deny a woman access to this particular method of abortion.Politicians on both sides were quick to react.