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World Wide Web: Four and a half minutes in Zardari’s shoes

For the next four and a half minutes, imagine that you’re Asif Ali Zardari, the president of Pakistan. You’re looking westward at your neighbor, Afghanistan, and you see an unstable Afghan government plagued by corruption. You see a weak Afghan military incapable of protecting civilians – let alone defeating the Taliban – without American support.…

Taliban closing in on Islamabad

The Pakistani government launched a military operation against Taliban militants earlier this week. The effort is largely seen as a response to pressure from the Obama administration to take a firm stance against the growing insurgency in Pakistan.

World Wide Web: Plan B

The biggest security threat to the United States is not Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea or even Iran. It’s Pakistan. A nuclear-armed state, Pakistan is plagued by political instability, which has allowed members of al-Qaeda and the Taliban, driven out of Afghanistan by U.S. forces, to form strongholds along Pakistan’s western border.

Musharraf to end emergency rule

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said last Thursday he would end the state of emergency next month, after domestic and international pressure to restore normal government ahead of general elections this January.

Hundreds die after terror attacks in Pakistan

Last week, a suicide bomb detonated inside a mosque, killing at least 12 people in northwestern Pakistan. The attack also left 25 wounded, with casualties including children and soldiers.