Topic: Morality

BBC host admits to taking part in suicide

Ray Gosling, a documentary maker for the BBC, made a chilling confession during a narration for a documentary about death and dying. Gosling drifted away from the script and said, “I killed someone once.” That person was Gosling’s terminally ill partner who was dying of HIV/AIDS. Gosling revealed that he asked the doctor to leave…

World Wide Web: Death to the death penalty?

Recent events in the news have been chilling enough to send a shiver down the spine of Stephen King. The police found 11 bodies in Anthony Sowell’s house on the east side of Cleveland. The majority of the bodies were found buried in the ground with ties around their necks. Two of them were found…

New Mexico repeals death penalty

Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico signed a bill last Wednesday that will repeal the state’s use of the death penalty. The new law, which has been in legislative session for more than ten years, will replace capital punishment with life without parole.

Obama funds embryonic stem cells

President Barack Obama issued an executive order last Monday that will significantly increase the amount of federal funds given to embryonic stem cell researchers. The order overturns a restriction on such research set by President George W. Bush in 2001, which limited funds to 21 pre-existing embryonic stem cell lines.

Supreme Court upholds ban on partial birth abortion in 5-4 vote

The Supreme Court last week ruled that the nationwide ban on a specific partial birth abortion procedure was to be upheld. The 5-4 decision said that it is constitutional to deny a woman access to this particular method of abortion.Politicians on both sides were quick to react.

1998 online porn law overturned

A federal judge ruled last Thursday that software filters work much better than the 1998 federal law designed to keep Internet pornography away from children. The judge struck down the law as a violation of free speech.

Washington law aims to support gay marriage

Proponents of same sex marriage have introduced an initiative that will require heterosexual couples to have kids within three years or have their marriages annulled, according to The Associated Press.