Topic: Millor Orator

’09 Millor Orator Finalist – Siuwa Edomwande

Thank you Fr. Niehoff, members of the faculty, staff and administrators, distinguished guests, friends and family, and thank you class of 2009. I am grateful not only for this opportunity to address you, but also for the generosity to others and me over the years.

’09 Millor Orator Finalist – Caitlin Huey-Burns

Good afternoon to the John Carroll Community, and especially the members of the Class of 2009. Today, I am not going to say “your future is ahead of you”, or that “the wheel of life is in your hands” because these statements are simplistic advice in a complex world I will not tell you that “from this day forward, anything is possible” because tomorrow I am going to be moving back in with my parents.

’09 Millor Orator Finalist – Jessica Landis

So… we’re all here. Sitting here in these strange robes and funny hats. Most of us are probably thinking about how long we have to wait until we can leave and enjoy ourselves with our family or friends… but maybe right now, you are thinking about everything you have gone through to get to this very moment.

’09 Millor Orator Finalist – Andrew Rafferty

On a beautiful September afternoon in the third week of my freshman year, I met an eighty-something-year-old man who could beat me in a foot race, outperform me on any test, and had no hesitation telling me when I gained a little weight.