Topic: Middle East

Obama drops settlement freeze

On Sept. 23, President Barack Obama addressed the United Nations reiterating the United States’ opposition to continued Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank.   Despite this and U.S. pressures on Israel, Obama’s words seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Israel, at the expense of potential peace negotiations, seems determined to continue building.   As a…

World Wide Web: Exporting the E.U.

The Arab world faces a future catastrophe. Oil is literally the only thing keeping the region’s economies afloat. But this dependence leads to rampant government corruption and economic instability. And what’s worse, one day the oil wells will run dry.

Iran offers proposal for new talks, refuses to negotiate nuclear issue

Glyn Davies, the U.S. envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the nuclear arm of the United Nations, reports that Iran currently has enough nuclear fuel that, if enriched further, could be used to make a nuclear weapon. According to The New York Times, Davies claims that Iran currently has “possible breakout capacity” should…

World Wide Web: The Iranian threat

Iran may soon have the technology to build a nuclear weapon. Israel claims that Iran has already reached that point, and has threatened to attack its nuclear facilities if no action is taken. But before we start a potential nuclear war, we should ask ourselves three questions. First of all, why does Iran want nuclear weapons? Secondly, is a nuclear Iran more dangerous than a non-nuclear Iran? And, if so, what are our possible courses of action?

World Wide Web: Time to pressure Israel

In the coming months, Israel’s new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, will play a vital role in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. With that in mind, consider the following statements that Lieberman has made over the years.

President Bush goes after Mid-East peace

Almost 60 years to the day that the United Nations announced the partition of the Holy Land into Arab and Jewish states, the leaders of Israel and Palestine met to discuss peace.

Turkey threatens invasion of Northern Iraq

The Kurdistan Workers Party, more commonly known as the PKK, killed 12 and injured 16 Turkish troops in terrorist attacks near the mountainous Iraqi boarder last Sunday.

Mahmoud comes to America

Making his third trip to the United States in as many years, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad touched down in the country amid a wash of controversy.

Iraq bombers detonate car with two children inside

Iraq insurgents detonated a car bomb with two children still sitting in the back seat last week. The children were used as decoys to get the car through a military checkpoint in Baghdad.