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Booming Chinese economy passes Japan’s as world’s second largest

Five years can change a lot as the Japanese economy has recently found out. Just half a decade ago, China’s gross domestic product was around $2.3 trillion, about half  of Japan’s. This week China’s economy officially overtook Japan’s to be the second largest in the world behind the United States. This interchange is attributed to…

New party wins landslide victory in Japan

In what looks like a carbon copy of the U.S. political climate of last year, Japan elected a new ruling party that campaigned on the promise of change.    On Sunday, Aug. 30, millions of Japanese voted to oust the conservative Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in exchange for Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) by a nearly…

Japanese prime minister resigns

Shingo Abe had a difficult and short tenure as Japanese prime minister. Scandal, government mismanagement, and humiliating electoral defeats finally led to Abe’s resignation on Sept. 12, just under a year after taking office.