Topic: Iraq War

Bush defends presidency in ‘Decision Points’

Former President George W. Bush waves as he signs copies of his book, “Decision Points,” at a store near his Dallas home on Nov. 9. (AP) Following the release of his much-anticipated book, “Decision Points,” former President George W. Bush has received both praise and criticism for his memoir. Released last week, “Decision Points” talks…

Obama brings home troops from Iraq

Seven years ago, President George W. Bush spoke to the American people from the Oval Office, announcing the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. On Tuesday of last week, President Barack Obama, sitting at the same desk, declared the end of that same military operation: “I am announcing the American combat mission in Iraq, has ended.”…

Iraq bombers detonate car with two children inside

Iraq insurgents detonated a car bomb with two children still sitting in the back seat last week. The children were used as decoys to get the car through a military checkpoint in Baghdad.