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Senator steps down, slams ways of Congress

Democrats are in shock after Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh announced last Monday that he would not seek re-election for a third term in office. The centrist Democrat is not retiring because of a lack of popularity. In fact, he had won his prior two elections with over 60 percent of the vote and was poised…

Compromise proving elusive for ‘jobs’ bill

With unemployment at the high percentage rate of 9.7 percent, Democrats and Republicans alike have made job creation the top priority on Capitol Hill. Yet there still remains severe disagreements between the parties as to how to best address this ever growing problem. This split between the two parties became even more evident this past…

Moderate Democrats pose obstacle for passing health insurance reform

As the health care debate continues to intensify in the Senate, it has become evident that bipartisan support is highly unlikely. Therefore, the Democratic leadership is focusing on keeping the Democratic caucus united in order to reach the crucial number of 60 votes needed for passage. This pursuit of 60 votes will undoubtedly be a…

With House vote, Democrats closer to passing health insurance reform

After months of lobbying for reform, liberal Democrats and the White House achieved a much needed victory on Saturday by delivering on a top domestic priority. In a late night vote, the House of Representatives voted to pass H.R. 3962 Affordable Health Care for America Act by a tally of 220-215. Recently the debate surrounding…

After months of talks, Baucus unveils health care reform bill

The push for health care reform intensified last Wednesday when Sen. Max Baucus released his much anticipated bill.

Defying Obama, Democrats press for hearings on CIA torture allegations

Democrats in Congress are pushing for further investigation into the “advanced interrogation” techniques used by CIA officials on suspected al-Qaida members.

Senate debates punitive tax on AIG bonuses

A heated public outcry was the response to the bonuses awarded to top employees at the American International Group. Now, Andrew M. Cuomo, attorney general of New York state, has announced that he persuaded nine of the top ten bonus recipients to give back their money.