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World leaders meet in United States

President Barack Obama called for a new era in global relations last Wednesday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.   In his first speech to the U.N. as President, Obama said that the world must work together to tackle major issues. He said, “Now is the time for all of us to…

Obama scraps plan for missile shield

In a move which for the time being has improved relations with Russia, President Barack Obama announced his decision to switch from the prescribed anti-ballistic missile shield plan of the Bush administration.

President’s speech addresses health care concerns

After weeks of tumultuous town hall meetings and intense political lobbying, Congress and the President have returned to Washington to debate health care reform.   In an unprecedented move, last Wednesday night President Barack Obama used the bully pulpit of the White House to advance his health care agenda.  Speaking in front of a Joint Session…

An historic first 100 days for Obama

President Barack Obama has been busy since his historic inauguration in January. In his first 100 days in office, his administration has crafted corporate bailouts, a $787 billion economic stimulus package and new strategies for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Obama to offer health plan that builds off of current system

In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was mulling over whether or not to incorporate a national health insurance program into his New Deal. Fearing it would jeopardize the chances of Congress passing his other New Deal initiatives, Roosevelt decided to leave it out. Since then, however, national health insurance has been a main priority for many Democrats.

Obama funds embryonic stem cells

President Barack Obama issued an executive order last Monday that will significantly increase the amount of federal funds given to embryonic stem cell researchers. The order overturns a restriction on such research set by President George W. Bush in 2001, which limited funds to 21 pre-existing embryonic stem cell lines.

“Obamarama” sweeps through Cleveland, Tri-C

Sen. Barack Obama visited the Eastern Campus of Cuyahoga Community College Mon., Feb. 26 for his last stop in a series of appearances across the country.

Obama’s in for 2008 race

Illinois Senator Barack Obama officially announced his candidacy for president on Saturday. Obama went to his home state to make the announcement, according to The Associated Press.