7 Seniors to Watch

Andrew Summerson, Matt Wooters, Jessica Serbin, Josh Marcin, Samantha Cocco, Doug Walton and Scott Matthews have made their mark. These students have gone above and beyond during their college careers. As college students, they’ve reached success. Now, with graduation and life after Carroll right around the corner, we asked these students what their futures hold.

Dating on a budget

In these tough economic times, it’s important to balance being a college student with saving some coin. You need to find every corner you can cut, and not just in the classroom, but in your love life as well.

The night life on weeknights

College students are notorious for staying up late trying to balance their busy schedules. It seems like there is never enough time in the day to get everything done and find time for sleep.

Small piece of Hungary makes big impact at JCU

In its mission statement, John Carroll University strives to help students “excel in learning, leadership and service in the region and in the world.” Zoltán Bugnyár, a master’s student in communications management, is a prime example of fulfilling this goal.

One day of ceasefire and nonviolence

Friday was the International Day of Peace. This is a day of nonviolence, when the entire world should cease fire. There were many events that took place all over the world including vigils, meditations, prayers and peace walks.

Til death do us part

In the past few decades, modern changes on the view of marriage have taken two dramatic turns. One end deals with young, married couples and the other end concerns the rising trend in America to wait before saying I do.

Lip Sync Review

Although members of the sororities and fraternities may have been fake singing, there was nothing fake about the sheer entertainment provided by the Lip Sync contest in Kulas Auditorium on Thursday, April 19.

Ode to the Greek

Greek Week isn’t all eating tacos and running around the Quad or mouthing the words to songs. It is about showing the unity of John Carroll University’s Greek Life. This past week sororities and fraternities participated in a weeklong tradition filled with events full of entertainment.

Hi, my name is…

All parents have some type of intention when naming their children. Whether it is extremely methodical and explored during the duration of a woman’s pregnancy or as simple as opening up a name book and pointing to the first one that sounds remotely decent, a first name is quite special.

Putting the “i” in twin

For a few students at John Carroll University, including freshmen Elias and Vicky Haddad, freshmen Matt and Tony Mihalich, and juniors Adam and Cara Pizzurro, they don’t have the option of avoiding their siblings. Not only are these brothers and sisters going to school together, but they are all twins.

Walking towards a cure

Sophomore Natalie Saville can remember as a small child listening to her mom, Nancy, sing in the choir at their local church. But when she was in the 6th grade something happened that halted her mom’s passion —she developed lung cancer.

Throwing it all away

Picture someone eating nothing but carrots or cabbage and working out for six hours a day. No, this isn’t the latest crash diet of Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. This was the lifestyle of Thomas Holbrook, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, who became obsessed with not becoming fat when he injured his knee, according to www.gurze.com.

Finding peace of mind

While many college graduates aspire to get a job and create financial independence, a small number venture to do the opposite — give up their daily lifestyles for a humbling experience that leaves them with little more than the clothes on their back.

What keeps you up at night?

Sleep. Many college students do it out of necessity, some during class lectures and others put it aside to cram for tests or finish last-minute papers. Some students even do it for fun, sleeping during their free time or napping recreationally. It shows up under “Activities" and “Interests" in thousands of Facebook profiles.