The Johnson Journal: End of an age

One day, I woke up and I was 22. It’s as if I went to sleep at 15 years old, or it might’ve been at 12, and I’ve just now awoken from my long, disorienting slumber.
Life moves at a rapid, yet repetitive pace. There are only flashes and few instances where I…

Goodness Gracious: This I believe

In 1951, famed journalist Edward R. Murrow began hosting a radically new radio program called “This I Believe.” This program featured numerous social figures, including Helen Keller, Harry Truman, Jackie Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt, who wrote and read aloud essays about their personal beliefs. These beliefs ranged from the future of humanity, to the virtue…

Higl's Squiggles: Nearing the finish line

Well, friends, it’s the end of an era. This is the last Higl’s Squiggles you’ll ever have the honor of reading. (Not to worry, though. I’ll write my final ‘thank you’ column in the senior edition in late April. That’ll be a tearjerker.)
Ah yes, they’ve finally done it. They’ve finally kicked me out.…

Cup of Joe: You say goodbye, I say hello

My mom once told me, “Every time one door closes, another opens.” Her words apply perfectly in this column.
It’s time to say goodbye to my column, “Cup of Joe,” which I’ve written for nearly two and a half years. It’s also time to welcome new opportunities with open arms.
Following three years…

Ferguson rallies lead to the shooting of two police officers

Conflict has once again erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, as two police officers were shot during a protest rally on Thursday, March 12.
According to The New York Times, the shooting happened just after midnight on Thursday morning.
Authorities have since charged 20-year-old Jeffrey Williams with first-degree assault.
Williams shot and wounded…

OurView: Pale yellow and navy blue

The world is full of labels. Now, this isn’t some preachy “don’t put me in a box for I am an individual!” type of statement. But rather, just a simple observation.
I have been called a woman, daughter, sister (and sister-in-law), friend, peer, tall, nice, pretty, independent, annoying, overly-chatty, intense and weird. Some…

The Johnson Journal: Going viral

Each day, the human brain processes more information and executes more orders than any modern computer during the same amount of time. For all of the technological advances societies have made in recent years, the human body contains the most complex iteration of a “computer” in the world. And while this fact might sound…

Higl's Squiggles: Thank you, John Carroll

In just two months time, I will no longer walk along the Quad, avoiding eye contact with the voracious squirrels that lurk the campus. I will no longer be able to drop into some of my greatest mentors’ offices and shoot the breeze whenever I please. I will no longer have the pleasure of…

Goodness Gracious: Dress to Impress

Thinking back to almost four years ago, I can remember how ecstatic I was to leave high school and come to John Carroll. The taste of freedom was in the air, and of all the liberties I was finally going to experience, the most important one was no more dress codes.

Cup of Joe: A kind word and a smile

Wisdom comes from many sources.
Professors, professionals and pariahs can all offer pieces of knowledge. You never know what you can learn from another person.
I once picked up a nugget of wisdom from a man I don’t always agree with, but deeply respect. He said: “Be nice to the little people.…

Alumni Corner: Alumni Corner: March 19, 2015

Written by Kyle Reynolds ’99, president-elect of the National Alumni Board
Getting old stinks. There’s really no way around it. I hurt when I wake up in the morning, and it’s not caused by a late night on Lee Road. I think that I have permanent damage in my feet from stepping on my…

OurView: Creative Catholicism

Dominic Gideon is a freshman at Borromeo Seminary and takes classes at John Carroll along with  30 other seminarians. Gideon plans on majoring in English, aspires to be a published writer. 
Last Thursday, as John Carroll University students were reveling like giddy grade schoolers for the first of their back-to-back snow days, I was…

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the Editor (2/26/15)

Due to the sensitive subject matter, the author’s name will remain private.
I was thrilled when I could finally cross off the item that was highest on my John Carroll bucket list: “Become a JCU orientation leader.” It proved to be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience overall, but the most meaningful part of…

Higl's Squiggles: Think before you stereotype

To all you movers and shakers out there, listen to my plea. Join me and break gender stereotypes in the world.
Before you throw your hands up in frustration, roll your eyes at another allegedly crazy feminist column and say gender equality does exist, take a deep breath, a step back and hear me out.…

Cup of Joe: Is it spring yet?

ason is almost here.
I’ve endured enough snow. I’ve shivered through cold walks to Dolan. I’ve enjoyed the three “snow days” in the past month, but a man can only sit inside and stare outside for so long.
In just five days, in a place far, far away, baseball will commence.
The Indians begin their…

The Johnson Journal: Heroes in Disguise

When I was younger, Saturday mornings included monochromatic episodes of my favorite crime fighters. Batman, Superman and others took turns fending off evil in 30-minute segments.
In each episode, you could count on the world to be threatened by some new “death-ray” or device to serve an evil plot. And not to be outdone,…

Goodness Gracious: A different kind of role model

Raise your hand if you watched the Academy Awards ceremony this weekend! Now, raise your hand if you have an insane crush on one of the celebrities that graced the ceremony with his or her presence this year.
If I had 10 hands, they would all be in the air. From Bradley Cooper to…

The Johnson Journal: Old dog, new tricks

Many of you have probably heard the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Aside from marginalizing man’s best friend, there are other concerns with repeating this cliché. Namely, old dogs can be taught new tricks, even if it takes that old dog much longer than it would take his younger counterpart. Dogs…

OurView: Left Out in the Cold

You all might want to sit down for this truth bomb I am about to drop on you. Ready? Okay.
It’s cold outside.
Like, really cold.
Like, sub-zero tundra. Like, oh-look-there’s-a-yeti kind of cold.
Shocker, right?
For those of you like me who have grown up in this area, you…

Higl's Squiggles: Resume lines are for wimps

Hello, my name is Alexandra Higl, and I’m an over-achiever. (Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.)
I am among the likes of the annoying “Hermione Grangers” of the bunch – from my commitment to stalking professors in their offices, to being that annoying girl who drinks too much caffeine and doesn’t get…

Cup of Joe: Beating the Winter Blues

February is the worst.
Out of the 12 months of the calendar year, February has the least to offer. The shortest month of the year only brings snow and cold, and something more sinister – the winter blues.
Nearly everyone in Northeast Ohio experiences the symptoms of this condition, also known as seasonal…

Goodness Gracious: Anti Anti-Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to my faithful “Goodness Gracious” readers!
Sorry. I know it’s super belated now, but I was too busy ranting about the standards of beauty last week to send my love and appreciation to my readers.
Plus, I wanted to see the latest V-day tweets and Instagram posts before tackling…

The Johnson Journal: Small Potatoes

Think of one of the first times you found yourself in hot water as a kid. If you are like most kids, you probably found yourself feeling embarrassed and panicked. Regardless of the offense, young children are prone to freeze up when they find themselves in such situations.
In all likelihood, the offense…

Cup of Joe: Immigration on a personal level

When you hear the phrase, “detention camps,” what’s the first word that comes to mind?
Evil? Unjust? Inhumane?
You might be surprised to hear that detention camps exist in the United States.
Two such facilities currently exist in a pair of Texas towns, housing immigrant refugees from Central American countries.…

Dear Unkind Student: In defense of AAA

Dear Unkind Student,
As a member of the John Carroll University community, I must ask you: What are you doing to fulfill your Jesuit values?
When you cowardly tore down the African American Alliance’s list of events from the humble pins, what were you doing for others? Did you aspire in vain…