Cup of Joe: You say you want a revolution?

Now is a critical time for our nation.
We are racially divided. Our trust in public officials, such as police officers, has waned. We no longer have faith in our government at the national level.
As the time comes to look back on 2014, this has been an eye-opening year for America. We…

Higl's Squiggles: The war on student loan debt

I’m currently on the search for a box. You know, to live in after graduation. It’s rent-free. My biggest fear at the moment is that it won’t be waterproof. I have to plan ahead with this crazy Cleveland weather and all.
I’m also going to have to make friends with someone with a microwave…

Truth or truth

I have failed. Yes, finally, Matt ‘Father Time,’ ‘Reebs,’ ‘#1 JCU Thighs’ Hribar has finally not been able to conquer a personal objective. For those who placed bets on my life goals, feel free to exchange your gold coins now. For those who didn’t place money down but yet are aghast with pain from hearing…

The Johnson Journal: Made in America

For attentive fans of rap and hip-hop, this past week offered some unexpected and cryptic excitement.
One of rap’s most prolific artists took to social media to air out his dirty laundry. Rapper Lil Wayne of Cash Money Records fired off a string of tweets aimed at his record label. Lil Wayne’s tweets…

Goodness Gracious: Look up, look down, look all around

“This media we call social is anything but, when it’s our computers that we open and our doors that we shut.”
This is one of the opening lines in the viral YouTube video by Gary Turk called “Look Up.” In its essence, this video is an emotionally moving, poetic commentary on our generation’s attachment…

Cup of Joe: Give a little bit

One week separates us from  one of the best American holidays (Thanksgiving) and one of the worst (Black Friday).
A common complaint is that the Christmas season seems to start earlier every year. Holiday music creeps onto the radio by the end of October and the adsbegin before the first snowfall. The “most wonderful…

The Johnson Journal: Truth or fiction

I’ll incriminate myself right now and say that, to at least some extent, I believe in such a thing as objective truth. To some, this view’s validity might sound laughably self-evident.
However, if there’s anything my philosophy courses have taught me, it’s not to assume.
The question of truth is a tricky…

Higl's Squiggles: “A big fat bank account and a slim body”

“Dear Santa,
This year, please give me a big fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix those two up like you did last year. Thanks.”
That’s my Christmas wish. Hold on – just kidding.
Before you rip apart this paper piece by piece in utter horror at the…

Letter to the Editor 11/20/2014

Written on behalf of the Student Union Programming Board
The Student Union Programming Board wants to thank The Carroll News for the article in last week’s issue regarding the new structure of the executive board, including the stipend. We believe that the change is necessary to address the programming needs of the John…

Art of the sciences

People have hinted to me that I’m not the greatest mathematician.
I’m guilty as charged if we’re talking strictly about algebra and numbers. Most times, I defend myself against these attacks by claiming I enjoy writing and can’t understand the first thing about numbers. I’d defer to the whole “left brain” and…

Higl's Squiggles: So what are you going to do with your life?

Dear youngsters,
Don’t grow up. Don’t be a senior. Don’t do it. Please. I beg of you.
Find the nearest time machine, fountain of eternal youth or some magical Harry Potter knick-knack, and find some way to ensure you don’t get the dreaded, “Senior, it’s time to declare your graduation,” email. (This…

Goodness Gracious: I’m gonna pop some tags

I’ve only got $20 in my pocket.
Literally. I’ve got a $20 bill in my pocket because unfortunately the rest of my cash, along with my laptop, was stolen last week. (If the thief is reading this, I hate you.)
Needless to say, I’ve had some pretty bad luck this semester.…

Cup of Joe: JCU who?

The Browns aren’t the only Cleveland team enjoying success.
John Carroll University’s fall sports teams are in the midst of a truly memorable fall season.
The football team plays Mount Union on Saturday, the men’s soccer squad won the regular season Ohio Athletic Conference Championship and the volleyball team came within three…

Cup of Joe: The end is nigh

I am ready to add a new T-shirt to my collection.
“I survived Ebola 2014” will fit nicely in my wardrobe next to shirts such as “I survived swine flu” and “I survived Y2K.”
Every time I turn around, someone is trying to predict what the cause of my death will be.…

Goodness Gracious: Sleepy in Seattle

Imagine a perfect world.
“Imagine there’s no countries. It isn’t hard to do. Imagine all the people, living life in peace…(ooh, ooh, ooohhh).” Thanks, John Lennon.
Now, imagine that there’s no such thing as sleep. Not that you couldn’t sleep, but that you didn’t need to – that you never felt tired…

Higl's Squiggles: Save an imagination- Buy a Barbie

Let me take you back to the days of little Alexandra Higl – the certified doll hoarder. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I can assure you I wasn’t even close to the people featured on the A&E documentary series, “Hoarders.”
However, in the ‘90s, my room was a straight up…

The Johnson Journal: Kintsukuroi

Mass production has taken a hard stance against individuality. In fact, it might be hard for most in our generation to recollect or identify with the importance of uniqueness. If something breaks, you replace it with something new. It’s that simple.
Whether liberal or conservative, everybody can shed a collective tear on the lost tradition…

The Johnson Journal: ‘Hear my train a comin”

Most songs convey a message of some sort. Whether the song is a “top 40” jam or a deep cut of one of your favorite artists, each  conveys a message to be heard and internalized by listeners.
I’m here to make the claim that some songs hide messages that transcend generational gaps, trends, fads…

Fall Pause

Unlike most of you, I will not be going back home this weekend. For me, home is my parents’ separate houses 30 miles from each other, the two cats that reside in each one and my angst-filled brother in his senior year making the same tough decisions I had to make two years ago. No,…

Higl's Squiggles: Following Malala Yousafzai’s lead

Do me a favor. For this one moment, stop thinking about yourself. You heard me. Cast aside that 21st century self-centered mentality for the next few minutes (this might be more difficult for some).
In today’s world, we wallow in self-pity. We’re all guilty of it. Even you. Yes, I’m talking to you.…

Goodness Gracious: Down with the selfies

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let your daily worries and stress leave your mind, and come with me to a magical place.
This magical place exists separately from the real world, but it is one of my deepest desires for the future.
It is a world without selfishness. A world without…

Cup of Joe: Turn entitlement into change

We are the “Entitled Generation.”
Some call us “lazy, needy and narcissistic.” Members of Generation Y, those born between the early 1980s and the mid 1990s, share this stereotype.
The critics of our generation are partially correct.
Some Gen-Y (or “Millenials”) fit this description, but not all. It’s time we changed…

The Johnson Journal: What I learned in boating school is…

How did you fare on the last test you took?
If I’m dredging up bad memories by asking, consider the reasons why that might be a negative memory for you, instead of a positive one. Consider the time you put in to studying. If pangs of guilt are creeping into your mind, don’t…

Life lock

I love high achievers, ambitious people and those who respect hard work.
My friends who already have jobs and internships lined up for next year – awesome. Crazy kids with the 4.0 GPAs – way to go. The guy who sits next to me in class with the marked up book who…

Higl's Squiggles: Please let my daughter be a nerd

I have a dream. Wait, hasn’t that been done before?
Scratch that. It’s more like a wish. Actually, I take that back – it’s a prayer.
Will you please join hands?
To the Man Upstairs, this is my prayer: if one day, I would be so blessed as to have a daughter,…