The Johnson Journal: ‘Hear my train a comin”

Most songs convey a message of some sort. Whether the song is a “top 40” jam or a deep cut of one of your favorite artists, each  conveys a message to be heard and internalized by listeners.
I’m here to make the claim that some songs hide messages that transcend generational gaps, trends, fads…

Fall Pause

Unlike most of you, I will not be going back home this weekend. For me, home is my parents’ separate houses 30 miles from each other, the two cats that reside in each one and my angst-filled brother in his senior year making the same tough decisions I had to make two years ago. No,…

Higl's Squiggles: Following Malala Yousafzai’s lead

Do me a favor. For this one moment, stop thinking about yourself. You heard me. Cast aside that 21st century self-centered mentality for the next few minutes (this might be more difficult for some).
In today’s world, we wallow in self-pity. We’re all guilty of it. Even you. Yes, I’m talking to you.…

Goodness Gracious: Down with the selfies

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath, let your daily worries and stress leave your mind, and come with me to a magical place.
This magical place exists separately from the real world, but it is one of my deepest desires for the future.
It is a world without selfishness. A world without…

Cup of Joe: Turn entitlement into change

We are the “Entitled Generation.”
Some call us “lazy, needy and narcissistic.” Members of Generation Y, those born between the early 1980s and the mid 1990s, share this stereotype.
The critics of our generation are partially correct.
Some Gen-Y (or “Millenials”) fit this description, but not all. It’s time we changed…

The Johnson Journal: What I learned in boating school is…

How did you fare on the last test you took?
If I’m dredging up bad memories by asking, consider the reasons why that might be a negative memory for you, instead of a positive one. Consider the time you put in to studying. If pangs of guilt are creeping into your mind, don’t…

Life lock

I love high achievers, ambitious people and those who respect hard work.
My friends who already have jobs and internships lined up for next year – awesome. Crazy kids with the 4.0 GPAs – way to go. The guy who sits next to me in class with the marked up book who…

Higl's Squiggles: Please let my daughter be a nerd

I have a dream. Wait, hasn’t that been done before?
Scratch that. It’s more like a wish. Actually, I take that back – it’s a prayer.
Will you please join hands?
To the Man Upstairs, this is my prayer: if one day, I would be so blessed as to have a daughter,…

Goodness Gracious: Fender Bender Glory

I have a confession to make – I’m kind of a bad driver.
Actually, in my defense, I am a good driver on the road. I just have a lot of problems with driveways and parking lots. When I say a lot of problems, I mean an embarrassing amount of problems.

Cup of Joe: We were the lucky ones.

We grew up in a golden age of cartoons. “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Rugrats,” “Hey Arnold,” “Jimmy Neutron” and many others populated our childhoods. 
Today’s youth are not so lucky.
Oct. 4 was a historic day. For the first time in over 50 years,  Saturday morning cartoons were absent from the broadcast networks.

The Johnson Journal: Wanderlust

If you’re taking the time to read this column, pat yourself on the back. Now before you roll your eyes, that’s not supposed to be some bad joke about how great this column is. If you’re carving time out of your day to read The Carroll News, you’ve probably had to override a typical…

Staff Commentary: What is sacrifice? (Baby, don’t hurt me)

During my many Friday night adventures with Labre over the summer, I met and conversed with a couple who I’ll call Rose and George.
Rose and George were living in a tent behind an abandoned house in the eastern part of the Cleveland suburbs. They were in better condition than some of the unhoused…

Higl's Squiggles: Lean in, lean out

As the great James Brown once said, “It’s a man’s, man’s, man’s world.”
Well, obviously not anymore. It’s the 21st century. We’ve abandoned stereotypes, gender roles and have striven towards equality. Women leaders have rallied as much support as men in the workforce. Right?
My fear is that this grand…

Goodness Gracious: Reality versus fantasy

What’s your fantasy?
Actually, let me rephrase that. What is your idea of perfection? In other words, how do you fantasize about a perfect life? What do you do in this fantasy? Where do you live? Who are you with?
I fantasize about a lot of things. Practically everything I imagine about…

Cup of Joe: An answer in the stars

Look up.
Take a break from reading this award-winning newspaper for a moment and look around you. What do you see?
We often fail to realize that there is a world all around us. We each fall into our own little worlds. We’re so engrossed with our own problems and fancy devices…

Alumni Corner: Alumni Corner Oct. 2, 2014

Five honest ways to succeed in the workplace:
People go to college for a lot of reasons, but one of the main ones is to someday become a human being an organization deems “hireable” and worthy of receiving a bi-weekly transfer of funds known as “a paycheck.”
With that, here are five brutally honest…

The Johnson Journal: Exploration, not confrontation

Imagine someone has just asked you about one of the latest stories in the news.
For our sake, let’s use the United States’ bombing of Syria as an example. Your friend wants to know if you’ve heard the details or know the background. You respond that you have heard the story. Now…

Kindergarten lessons

Think back through your years in school. Who can you say is your favorite teacher? Now, as good as that teacher may be, does he or she compare to your kindergarten teacher?
Kindergarten is your first real year of school. What you learn there affects how you live the rest of your…

Higl's Squiggles: A letter to Urban Outfitters

To my loyal readers, I come to you today with a broken heart. As a self-proclaimed lover of fashion and art, I am troubled. A store where I used to spend my spare hours perusing its website, essentially foaming at the mouth at the hipster-esque, jaw-dropping, eye-catching apparel, has lost my trust, respect and…

Goodness Gracious: Humilitas occidit superbiam

“Humilitas occidit superbiam.” Humility kills pride. I learned about this phrase during my stay in Italy. (Yes, another column about my trip!) It was, in fact, incorporated into a painting by the Italian artist Caravaggio.
Quick side note here: I’m not an art history major. I have never studied art. Truth be told,…

Cup of Joe: This Is Our Home

Life isn’t fair. Or so we think.
Each of us is incredibly blessed. We’ve hit the jackpot. We’re part of a lucky few.
How so, you ask?
Each of us has a golden opportunity to join an elite group – college graduates. Just 6.7 percent of the world’s population has…

The Johnson Journal: Nothing ventured, nothing gained

This just in: the boundaries you view as separations from other people don’t actually exist. The concept is simple enough. But, I’ll admit as a disclaimer, some people find this to be earth-shattering.
Give it a moment’s thought: are the things you view as roadblocks actually impediments or do you just construct them…

Why are you here?

I don’t mean that to be some deep, philosophical question. I mean, why are you here at John Carroll? We all have our reasons for choosing this school over the others, but why did you choose higher education at all?
In the state of Ohio, high school students can drop out at the age…

Higl's Squiggles: Call Me Never

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to play everyone’s favorite Higl’s Squiggles game: “picture this.”
I’d like you to let your imaginations run wild. Picture a strapping young lad in his 20’s. He works a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job, and lunchtime rolls around. He leaves the office, and innocently walks…

Goodness Gracious: Give those tourists a hug

As promised, I have another juicy topic relating to my Europe trip this past summer to write about extensively this week.
Well, at least I think it’s juicy. Really, it’s more of an observation I made several times throughout my trip and have been reflecting on since returning. The good news is…