OurView: Creative Catholicism

Dominic Gideon is a freshman at Borromeo Seminary and takes classes at John Carroll along with  23 other seminarians. Gideon plans on majoring in English, aspires to be a published writer. 
Last Thursday, as John Carroll University students were reveling like giddy grade schoolers for the first of their back-to-back snow days, I was…

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the Editor (2/26/15)

Due to the sensitive subject matter, the author’s name will remain private.
I was thrilled when I could finally cross off the item that was highest on my John Carroll bucket list: “Become a JCU orientation leader.” It proved to be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience overall, but the most meaningful part of…

Higl's Squiggles: Think before you stereotype

To all you movers and shakers out there, listen to my plea. Join me and break gender stereotypes in the world.
Before you throw your hands up in frustration, roll your eyes at another allegedly crazy feminist column and say gender equality does exist, take a deep breath, a step back and hear me out.…

Cup of Joe: Is it spring yet?

ason is almost here.
I’ve endured enough snow. I’ve shivered through cold walks to Dolan. I’ve enjoyed the three “snow days” in the past month, but a man can only sit inside and stare outside for so long.
In just five days, in a place far, far away, baseball will commence.
The Indians begin their…

The Johnson Journal: Heroes in Disguise

When I was younger, Saturday mornings included monochromatic episodes of my favorite crime fighters. Batman, Superman and others took turns fending off evil in 30-minute segments.
In each episode, you could count on the world to be threatened by some new “death-ray” or device to serve an evil plot. And not to be outdone,…

Goodness Gracious: A different kind of role model

Raise your hand if you watched the Academy Awards ceremony this weekend! Now, raise your hand if you have an insane crush on one of the celebrities that graced the ceremony with his or her presence this year.
If I had 10 hands, they would all be in the air. From Bradley Cooper to…

The Johnson Journal: Old dog, new tricks

Many of you have probably heard the expression, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Aside from marginalizing man’s best friend, there are other concerns with repeating this cliché. Namely, old dogs can be taught new tricks, even if it takes that old dog much longer than it would take his younger counterpart. Dogs…

OurView: Left Out in the Cold

You all might want to sit down for this truth bomb I am about to drop on you. Ready? Okay.
It’s cold outside.
Like, really cold.
Like, sub-zero tundra. Like, oh-look-there’s-a-yeti kind of cold.
Shocker, right?
For those of you like me who have grown up in this area, you…

Higl's Squiggles: Resume lines are for wimps

Hello, my name is Alexandra Higl, and I’m an over-achiever. (Phew. Glad I got that off my chest.)
I am among the likes of the annoying “Hermione Grangers” of the bunch – from my commitment to stalking professors in their offices, to being that annoying girl who drinks too much caffeine and doesn’t get…

Cup of Joe: Beating the Winter Blues

February is the worst.
Out of the 12 months of the calendar year, February has the least to offer. The shortest month of the year only brings snow and cold, and something more sinister – the winter blues.
Nearly everyone in Northeast Ohio experiences the symptoms of this condition, also known as seasonal…

Goodness Gracious: Anti Anti-Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to my faithful “Goodness Gracious” readers!
Sorry. I know it’s super belated now, but I was too busy ranting about the standards of beauty last week to send my love and appreciation to my readers.
Plus, I wanted to see the latest V-day tweets and Instagram posts before tackling…

The Johnson Journal: Small Potatoes

Think of one of the first times you found yourself in hot water as a kid. If you are like most kids, you probably found yourself feeling embarrassed and panicked. Regardless of the offense, young children are prone to freeze up when they find themselves in such situations.
In all likelihood, the offense…

Cup of Joe: Immigration on a personal level

When you hear the phrase, “detention camps,” what’s the first word that comes to mind?
Evil? Unjust? Inhumane?
You might be surprised to hear that detention camps exist in the United States.
Two such facilities currently exist in a pair of Texas towns, housing immigrant refugees from Central American countries.…

Dear Unkind Student: In defense of AAA

Dear Unkind Student,
As a member of the John Carroll University community, I must ask you: What are you doing to fulfill your Jesuit values?
When you cowardly tore down the African American Alliance’s list of events from the humble pins, what were you doing for others? Did you aspire in vain…

Goodness Gracious: Beauty is a beast

I consider myself to be a feminist. That is, I believe men and women should have equal rights, opportunities and encouragement to succeed.
I also acknowledge and appreciate the struggles women all across the globe have endured to be recognized as equals to men. I see the continuous fight against body shaming and low…

Higl's Squiggles: 365 days of love

It’s the most cringeworthy time of the year.
Wait, maybe that’s not how the song goes.
Yes, folks, I’m talking about Valentine’s Day.
It’s the day where I roll my eyes at the copious amounts of nauseating social media posts. You know the type. Basic girls across the globe professing how…

Higl's Squiggles: Tough love

You get a trophy. And you get a trophy. And you, over there, you get a trophy. Everybody gets a trophy.
It feels like that sometimes -– especially in our generation.
I bet you know what I’m talking about.
Pretty much all of us have attended award ceremonies where they give away…

The Johnson Journal: Do you know what’s inside?

With each passing technological advance or discovery, the dissemination of information takes place at even faster paces.
New improvements to our phones allow us to access videos, photos and news with several taps on our screen. Social media sites not only promote general banter, but also serve the important function of promoting important dialogue and…

Goodness Gracious: To advise or to be advised: Part two

I am a writer. I write things down after they’ve been swimming around in my head for awhile. Most of the time, I write for myself to try to find some clarity in my life.
That’s where my fault lies. When I write for myself, I hear it in my own voice. I paint pictures…

Cup of Joe: Politics and money, it’s a gas

Pink Floyd had it right in its song “money.” Well, at least when it comes to campaign spending.
As the 2016 presidential election quickly approaches, money is already flowing into campaign accounts and political action committees (PACs). Democrats and Republicans are gearing up for a bloody battle to determine who will be the next president…

Columns: Perry’s halftime performance didn’t make me roar

Overall feeling about Katy Perry’s performance for the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show: It wasn’t fabulous, but it wasn’t atrocious.
Having high expectations for her performance, I didn’t think Perry really “wowed” audiences. I was expecting a pretty wild, extravagant Katy Perry show that would leave me saying, “Can we watch that again?” Instead,…

Perspectives from an editor: What is it like to use HealthSpot?

On Wednesday, Jan. 28, I met with Kevin Darnell, an account executive from HealthSpot, and Jan Krevh, director of the Student Health and Wellness Center, for a demo of the new station. The process was painless, and familiar to anyone who grew up surrounded by technology.
The touchscreen registration was easy to use,…

The sheer present

Like any other student, I have struggled with balance. I used to be completely consumed by the next homework assignment, being late for work, making it to practice on time and hanging out with friends, that I often neglected what lied before my very eyes – the present.
Recently, a friend asked me a…

Cup of Joe: Rooting guide for the Super Bowl

Sunday marks the 49th Super Bowl in NFL history. For the 49th consecutive year, Cleveland fans will watch as two teams other than the Browns play for the Vince Lombardi Trophy.
While the Browns won’t be playing, the Super Bowl is still a must-watch event for football fans and entertainment enthusiasts. After all, Katy…

Breaking up with Roger Goodell

What I’m about to say may surprise you, given my love for sports and the fact that it’s only three days until Super Bowl Sunday.
I’m sick of the NFL. The end of the 2014 season could not come soon enough for the league.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to…