You’re wrong, I’m Rafferty

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: It was nice to be the boss…sometimes

I won’t get into the power of the press lecture. But I will say that even the best journalism is powerless if no one cares what it reports. I’m glad if you’ve enjoyed this column, and I’m sad this is my last one. But if you have even once liked something I’ve written, please do me a favor - read the front page.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Clear the gym to support the Streaks

It is a real shame JCU students don’t do a better job supporting their athletic teams. It is an even bigger shame that when we try to, we can’t get into the game.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: The argument about debate

Secret societies exist at colleges across the country that love printing stuff and then arguing about the stuff they printed. The more widely used term for these societies is “debate teams.” There is one at this school, and from what I hear they’re pretty good. After a semester of debate class, I walked away with one feeling towards this academic endeavor– respect.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: How to score heavenly points

When my mind drifts during the Homily, which on occasion it has, I often wonder what heaven is like. Mainly, I wonder about its acceptance policy. If heaven is like Harvard, I think I’m screwed. I’m crossing my fingers that the pearly gates has more of a state school acceptance policy. I know its affordable and I think my SAT scores are good enough.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: The Quad; an unwritten rule

I would like to personally welcome the Class of 2011. From what I’ve seen from your Facebook profiles, you have a lot of potential. My name is Andrew, some people call me Raff, and some people call me some other things not fit for print. I’m going to help you out. And no, don’t come…

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Another year has passed and I’m still Rafferty

Here we are again. Another year at John Carroll is about to become nothing more than a memory. That means it has been an entire year of “You’re Wrong, I’m Rafferty,” and what a year it’s been. Every week, I gave you guys 110 percent.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: It’s time to spice up your life

For the most part, you can find stuff to do at John Carroll University. For example, last weekend you might have brought up your younger siblings and exposed them to things like Parkhurst and drunken college students. I’m not sure which is worse. But, maybe around 3 p.m. on a Tuesday, things can start to drag.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Assigning JCU majors an RPI

There has, for some time now, been debate as to what JCU’s most difficult major is. I will attempt to end this debate. JCU’s most difficult major is communications, hands down.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Room for improvement

There is some stuff John Carroll does right and some stuff it screws up. You can visit to find out the former. But, I’m here to list a couple things that JCU can do to improve the quality of student life.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Working out with London Fletcher

London Fletcher-Baker and I are pretty close. To put it in AIM terms, we’re “bffs." For those of you who are not enlightened as to who Fletch is, let me give you an abridged version of his resume.

You're wrong, I'm Rafferty: Theme parties of epic proportion

The age old question of whether or not to live on campus inevitably comes up this time of year. We could go on for hours about the pros and cons of both, but there is one indisputable advantage to getting a house – the sweet parties you can throw.