Terry’s Talkin’

Terry's Talkin': No love for “New York”

I do not love New York. Don’t get me wrong –– I love the beautiful state of New York. Unfortunately, there is one New York I do not love and that happens to be the television show on VH1 dubbed, “I Love New York.”

Terry's Talkin': Immerse Yourself

“It was a life changing experience.” That is how I answered questions upon returning from my immersion trip over Spring Break. The same way I answered questions when I returned home from New Orleans in December.

Terry's Talkin': The best week ever

I am hoping that most of you have previously seen “The Best Week Ever” on VH1. If you haven’t watched the weekly hour of comedic genius, please check it out, I can guarantee it will make you laugh.

Terry's Talkin': Here’s the deal: Living simply for Lent

Yesterday marked the first day of Lent, one of my favorite times of the year. Lent always begins the same way for me. For the two weeks before Ash Wednesday I ponder what to give up and what to take out of my normal life.

Terry's Talkin': Here’s the deal: For the love of John Carroll University

I love John Carroll University. I know what you might be thinking, “She’s kind of crazy, isn’t she?" Yes, it is true, I might be, but not because I think John Carroll University is great.

Terry's Talkin': Here’s the deal: Valentine’s Day

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Valentine’s Day is just another day that Americans have commercialized." You are right, it is. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day count. Forget about the gifts and the glamour. Consider the true meaning of the day.