That’s what See said

That's what See said: Better late than never … right?

I'm sure I'll think of something better to write about as soon as this gets sent to the printer.

That's what See said: You didn’t ask, but I’m gonna tell you

I love it when The Carroll News does a story on power couples, but this year they forgot one: me and Jeff Sigmund.

That's what See said: Forget the leader, follow the Tweeter

It’s 2010, and if you haven’t jumped on the Twitter bandwagon yet, you’re missing out on a ton of fun. You probably still use a rotary phone, get your film developed, and update your MySpace page. Honestly, if you’re not on Twitter yet, then what have you been doing all this time? I don’t have…

That's what See said: Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground

I don’t know exactly what happened to the world since the end of last semester, but it seems everyone lost their moral compass and decided it would be cool to walk around with their pants around their ankles. From television, to professional sports, to those who don’t have belts, nobody was safe from being caught…

That's what See said: The secrets of being a good Secret Santa

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Classes are almost over, snow is starting to fall, and Max Flessner and Rachel Szuch are graduating (I mean that in a good way guys, I swear). The best part about the Christmas season, or “holiday season” for the more politically correct out there, is that Santa…

That's what See said: What goes around comes around

When I have to make a decision I always ask myself one question before anything else: is this going to give me bad karma? If there is something to fear besides fear itself, it would be bad karma. It’s like revenge sought out by God. For you atheists out there, it’s like getting vengeance on…

That's what See said: Don’t wake the sleeping giant

There’s a legend at John Carroll. He roams among us, and whether he’s conscious or not, he should be appreciated. He is the notorious napper (or Rob C. as I’ll be referring to him for the rest of this column), and he serves the JCU community in many ways I’m sure you never recognized. In…

That's what See said: It’s like Christmas in October

Halloween is this weekend, and I feel that it’s my duty as a CN columnist to touch on the topic because, if I don’t, then how are we ever going to get some of you to write letters to the editor? Halloween is my favorite holiday to experience on campus. It’s got some stiff competition…

That's what See said: Let me take you to flight school

There are three essentials for a guy before he goes out: clean underwear, an Ace bandage and a wingman. Clean underwear is the most obvious, the Ace bandage is the most open-ended, but the wingman is the most important of the three. It’s a man’s best friend when trying to get to know young ladies.…

That's what See said: Breaking my silence on awkward silences

Usually, when it comes to this topic I just sit there and wait for it to be over with (and yes, that’s what she said), but I’ve decided that I can’t ignore it anymore. It’s time to address it publicly. Awkward silences are a sickness, and they plague communities such as JCU. With a student…

That's what See said: Help me win, write me in

October is here and that means election season is kicking into high gear. Usually I’m politically apathetic, but this year I’ve decided to exercise my American right to represent my fellow citizens and throw my name into the ring for the 2009 mayoral election in University Heights. Since I’m not hip to the whole process…

That's what See said: I want my MTV back

I grew up on MTV. I give it more credit for forming me than I give my parents, peers or schools. But the MTV I knew is gone.

That's what See said: Sorry, but no more Mr. Nice Guy

Don’t let my picture fool you, it’s not all smiles around here. I’m fed up, John Carroll. Quite frankly, people refuse to get on my level and it ruffles my feathers. Cleaning up other peoples’ messes is not on any of my four daily to-do lists. JCU is in need of reform and I’ve appointed…

That's what See said: Starting the year off with a few pick-me-ups

There’s a lot to talk about at the beginning of a new semester. For example, I could list my goals for the next four months (stay alive, win awards, etc.) or tell you about my summer (I bought a new watch), but I’m going to take the easy route and address the newbies at JCU.  …

That's what See said: Why I’m the poet laureate of John Carroll University

For those of you who haven’t read my column before: I’m kind of a big deal. As the veteran columnist for the award-winning Carroll News (and I’m still a few finals away from junior status), I have quite a bit of literary clout. Taking this into account, I decided I could help another JCU publication, The Carroll Review, by contributing my name and fame.

That's what See said: Taking brotherly love beyond the family

Anyone who knows me personally, or who reads this column on a regular basis, knows that I’m pretty fond of myself. As a matter of fact, I downright love me. But I would be lying if I claimed that I had become this person (that I love so much) without some help and a little bit of guidance.

That's what See said: Flying high with Corey Haim

Last Thursday I witnessed the most interesting, thought-provoking and possibly most controversial flyer ever posted in the confines of academia. It was on a red piece of paper and it had a former Teen Beat cover boy’s face on it. Apparently, Corey Haim needed to be found, and we, the Blue Streaks, were the chosen few to find him. The flyer had a phone number and everything, so it had to be legit.

That's what See said: The Joys of Being so Phresh and so Clean

The term “sophomore” is believed to be derived from the Greek words sophos (meaning wise) and moros (meaning foolish). Putting those roots together makes a sophomore “a wise fool.” It’s ironic that one-fourth of the time spent at a place of higher learning would be under such a title, but I think that’s the beauty of it.

That's what See said: The Conundrum of the 4 Seasons

One of my favorite things about college compared to high school is how early the Spring Semester ends. Getting out a month earlier than I did in high school is awesome. I do, however, have an issue with it being called the “Spring” Semester when almost half of it occurs during winter.