Articles by Sylvia Lesisz

Dreaming white

John Carroll University’s Winter Formal theme received a mixed response last week, prompting an apology from the Student Union Programming Board and the Office of Student Activities. According to a statement made by SUPB and the Winter Formal Committee, the Winter Formal theme “I’m Dreaming of a White Cleveland,” was not meant to be offensive or insensitive.

Chemistry majors find home at JCU

John Carroll University has graduated more chemistry majors than any other Jesuit college or university in the country. The trend was set by last year’s class, with 29 chemistry majors receiving their diplomas last May.

Avian Flu plan made for JCU

While the number of humans affected by avian influenza is extremely low, the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control say that the risk for bird flu becoming the next pandemic is high. John Carroll University is putting together an Avian Influenza Pandemic Plan. This is not because the threat of avian influenza is high, rather, because it is necessary to be prepared for a pandemic.

JCU ‘Celebrates’ its academics

Picture someone eating nothing but carrots or cabbage and working out for six hours a day. No, this isn’t the latest crash diet of Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. This was the lifestyle of Thomas Holbrook, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, who became obsessed with not becoming fat when he injured his knee, according to