Articles by Ryan Kelly

Small piece of Hungary makes big impact at JCU

In its mission statement, John Carroll University strives to help students “excel in learning, leadership and service in the region and in the world.” Zoltán Bugnyár, a master’s student in communications management, is a prime example of fulfilling this goal.

Throwing it all away

Picture someone eating nothing but carrots or cabbage and working out for six hours a day. No, this isn’t the latest crash diet of Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff. This was the lifestyle of Thomas Holbrook, a Wisconsin psychiatrist, who became obsessed with not becoming fat when he injured his knee, according to

What keeps you up at night?

Sleep. Many college students do it out of necessity, some during class lectures and others put it aside to cram for tests or finish last-minute papers. Some students even do it for fun, sleeping during their free time or napping recreationally. It shows up under “Activities" and “Interests" in thousands of Facebook profiles.