Articles by Meghan Wolf

G20 to consider $1 trillion stimulus package for developing countries

The G20, a group of the world’s 19 largest national economies plus the European Union, will meet in London today to discuss possible solutions to the financial crisis and global recession.

Senate debates punitive tax on AIG bonuses

A heated public outcry was the response to the bonuses awarded to top employees at the American International Group. Now, Andrew M. Cuomo, attorney general of New York state, has announced that he persuaded nine of the top ten bonus recipients to give back their money.

Deadly shootings leave many mourning

Tragedy befell the Albertville Secondary School in Winnenden, Germany last Wednesday, when a masked intruder entered and went on a shooting rampage. The incident, which left 16 dead and many others injured, was similar to the Columbine High School shooting that took place in Colorado ten years ago.

Man with fake bomb walks into Clinton office

A man walked into a Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire saying he was armed with explosives. It turned out it was only road flares.

America honors a hero

In June of 2005, Lt. Michael P. Murphy of Patchogue, New York, was on a mission in the mountainous Kunar Province in Afghanistan. He had been one of four Navy Seals on a team previously reported as missing.