Articles by Matt Mihalich

CN interview with Chamillionaire

The Carroll News had the chance to catch up with Chamillionaire, whose legal name is Hakeem Seriki, and ask him about what the future holds, particularly this summer, for his career. CN: Your next album is coming out this summer. Kanye, Eminem and Drake are all going to release albums soon. What are your picks…

Relay will remain outside this year

John Carroll University will host the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” event on April 24 through the morning of April 25 on the campus quad.

OurView: Last chance to dance, romance, advance and pee your pants

The pressure is on. There are four weeks left in my college career and cramming everything in messes up my schedule every day. I can count on one hand how many Thursday nights are left or how many issues of The Carroll News I can be a part of. Any weekly event, really, is of…

Former JCU president passes away

Former John Carroll University president, The Rev. Thomas P. O’Malley, passed away on Wednesday Nov. 4, in Boston of an apparent heart attack. O’Malley, the namesake of JCU’s O’Malley Center, led John Carroll from 1980 through 1988. Jacqueline Schmidt, a JCU communications professor worked here throughout O’Malley’s time with the University. She remembers the late…

JCU student mugged, assaulted

A John Carroll University student was walking home from the library on Wednesday, Oct. 21 at approximately midnight, when he was accosted and robbed. This is the second time this semester that a mugging has occurred at JCU. John Skomra, a senior, had left campus and crossed South Belvoir and continued down Washington Road. By…

Faculty forms ad hoc committee

Several faculty members have formed an ad hoc committee, designed to determine if there is a need for collective negotiations among faculty members. This temporary group will decide if a permanent committee is necessary for dealing with salaries and benefits among administration. Dianna Taylor, professor and chair of the philosophy department, is the chairperson of…

JCU alum’s father, Timothy J. Russert, passes away at 85

Timothy J. Russert, the father of John Carroll alum and former moderator of “Meet the Press” Tim Russert, died Thursday at the age of 85. The elder Russert was the inspiration for his son’s 2004 best seller, “Big Russ and Me.”  In the book, the JCU alum praised his blue-collar father for his hard work,…

OurView: The right way to use your camera in college

Seniors in college are old. They’re mature, they’re focused, and they’re ready for next year. Seniors have settled down, they drink beer out of bottles, heck they’re probably finished with the core curriculum. I must not be a senior. What made me come to this realization? In August, I moved all my belongings back to…

SAF money utilized

The Student Activity Fee Allocation Committee has decided what projects and activities the Student Activity Fee will go toward this semester. The SAF is charged to full-time undergraduates and amounts to $200 per semester. It is used for numerous activities that directly benefit students through programs, services, facility improvements and events. While the SAF goes…

Campus, facility changes implemented

This summer, several developments took place at John Carroll, improving the facilities and cosmetics of campus. Mark McCarthy, vice president for student affairs, was pleased with the upgrades. “There’s a plan in place for facilities improvements and a lot of that work gets done over the summer. Based on the budget we have, it gets…

Robbery and assault on campus

A John Carroll University student was the victim of a mugging at approximately 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 6. He was left beaten and robbed for petty cash, with no indication as to why he was the target. Senior Matt Najdovski was walking past Bernet and Millor Halls on the quad’s sidewalk, heading to St.…

SAF funds allocated to adviser

$14,000 of student activity money set aside for adviser of hockey club and Rhapsody Blue

A guide to handling springtime at JCU

The weather is starting to break into a fine spring, and here’s what is going to happen. People who live in Cleveland, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Chicago or any other feeder city to John Carroll are not going to know how to respond. Let me enlighten you all on the subject.

Pools cause real ‘Madness’

No, I do not want to get in on your bracket. The NCAA Tournament is the time of year when college basketball teams realize their “one shining moment” before thrilled fans and the students lucky enough to skip class to see their team survive and advance. Sadly, though, this event doesn’t only bring out the Cinderella’s, but also those people who depreciate all of the games and make you wish you never even saw a bracket before.

JCU students robbed on S. Belvoir

Three John Carroll University students were robbed of several possessions that included a wallet, cell phone and camera while walking down South Belvoir Blvd. towards campus late at night on Tuesday, November 20.

Men’s Soccer fighting for first

With a loss to Heidelberg last week the John Carroll University men’s soccer team will not achieve their goal of a perfect season. Despite missing their goal of an undefeated season, the team still has the opportunity to be conference champions.

Sasaki Associates unveil plan to JCU

The master plan was presented to faculty, staff, students and community members on Tuesday in the Donahue Auditorium in Dolan Science Center. Sasaki Associate Peter Brigham said the first way to do this is to make the campus more navigable.

Men’s golf starts hot with back to back wins

The John Carroll University golf team is off to a fiery start this fall, taking first place in two of their three tournaments and picking up speed halfway through their season.

VA Tech brings campus safety into question at JCU

Once the dust finally settled over the Virginia Tech campus shootings, there seemed to be several mixed feelings of shock and agony. But, more than anything, the situation left some very important questions.

Arrupe Finalists announced

Finalists for the annual presentation of scholarships by the Arrupe Scholars Program for Social Action will be named on April 1 at John Carroll University. The scholarship presentation will finalize a six week long search and filter of students that exemplify critical thinking and engagement in social justice, as well as participation in community service that leads to social action.

JCU swimming finishes third at OAC championships

John Carroll University’s Men’s and Women’s swimming and diving teams both placed third this past weekend in the OAC Swimming and Diving Championships in Akron, despite valiant individual awards and records.