Articles by Max Flessner

MAXimum Exposure: A true liberal arts education

Well, John Carroll, this is it: my last column ever. I will be graduating at the end of this semester and heading back to Chicago, so I figured let’s give it one last hoorah. Too often when graduating seniors write their “senior column” which is filled with the same sentiment, just worded differently: enjoy your…

MAXimum Exposure: MMMBop yourself, Kappa Kappa Gamma

Alright Kappa Kappa Gamma, that’s enough. If I hear the song “MMMBop” one more time I’m going to throw a plate full of sub-par food through a cafeteria window, and guess what? I’m sending you the bill. Here’s why: what you’re doing should be illegal—it sounds like extortion to me. In the real world, if…

MAXimum Exposure: For the kids who freak out about an A-

I have to say, I love taking honors classes. Not for the academic rigor, not always for the material — for the other people in the class. Honors students tend to epitomize those students who are absolutely obsessed with their grades. For me, watching their faces as a professor hands back papers or tests is…

Student dies on campus

A student death occurred on campus last Sunday in Campion Hall. Sophomore Cody Gullette was found dead in his room by a friend. Gullette’s roommate was out of town, but when his friend entered his unlocked room, Gullette was unresponsive, according to Mark McCarthy, vice president for student affairs and Sherri Crahen, dean of students.…

MAXimum Exposure: Frank Consol-No for mayor of UH?

After watching the University Heights Mayoral debate, could I see Frank Consolo one day saying, “I guess a small town mayor is sort of like a community organizer, except that you have actual responsibilities?” Yup. John Carroll, we have enough votes to sway this election, and I think it is our responsibility to future classes…

Budget is a team effort; goals set for the future

John Carroll University merged the town-hall style presentations of the finance division and enrollment division of the University. This year, Brian Williams, vice president for enrollment, and Richard Mausser, vice president for finance, presented information from their respective departments together. The goal was to signal how interdependent JCU’s projected operating budget is on enrollment because,…

MAXimum Exposure: My president is a Nobel Prize-winner?

A Nobel Peace Prize is an extraordinary thing—something that celebrates work that shines hope for a more peaceful tomorrow in a world that is far too burdened with pain and suffering. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case in 2009.  It seems to me that the Nobel Committee decided not to award Obama’s accomplishments towards peace (which…

MAXimum Exposure: Weis doesn’t entice

I’m well aware that people either love Notre Dame football or hate it—there is very little grey area there. I happen to love the Fighting Irish, but I think everyone can agree on one thing in regards to Notre Dame football: Charlie Weis needs to go. In 2005, the University decided to extend Weis’ contract…

MAXimum Exposure: Bankers? More like wankers…

I don’t understand people who say President Barack Obama has taken on too much — he has neither created nor chosen the issues; the problems he faces precede him, and he has decided to resolve them. That being said, the President is not having much success regulating the financial industry, and as is custom, the…

JCU mourns last weekend’s losses

JCU sophomore dies on campus
John Carroll University was troubled last Sunday with the news that a student was found dead in his dorm room. Nineteen-year-old sophomore Frank Kinmonth was found dead by sophomore roommate Rudy Donatelli at 3:55 a.m. in Millor Hall.

MAXimum Exposure: I might start taking a taxi cab

I hate to be blunt, but this is fact: Cleveland people are bad at driving. Plain and simple. I’d like to say it’s okay, you’ll learn, but I’m not sure you’ll learn and it’s not okay—I could be killed, and recently almost was. Twice.

MAXimum Exposure: You’re welcome, John Carroll

I’d like to apologize, for I’ve been rude: after four years of pulling awesome practical jokes at this school, I realize that I’ve never said “you’re welcome” to the people whose lives I’ve enriched.   Now there are nay-sayers out there who will claim that all I’m doing is having fun at other peoples’ expense and…

Board of Directors voted to re-sign Niehoff

This past May the John Carroll University Board of Directors voted to renew the Rev. Robert Niehoff’s contract as president of the University. This renewal will extend through 2015, as a president’s term is five years. The Rev. Niehoff, in an e-mail sent to the JCU community, said that he has “gratefully accepted this honor…

MAXimum Exposure: Cable news fails to deliver

There has been a great deal of speculation as to where the healthcare debate is going in this country. Some say President Obama is losing ground and others say Congress can’t come together to agree on any kind of meaningful bill, but that isn’t the part of this debate that’s bothering me the most.  The…

MAXimum Exposure: Holding Relay where we want

It is time to put our foot down to University Heights. Every year we have to move indoors during our Relay because of a city code that says we cannot be making such a ruckus so late at night. Well, John Carroll, it’s time to break a few rules.

MAXimum Exposure: Learning how two write good

There is nothing in the world that drives me more up the wall than “AIM speak.” It used to be a shorter way of speaking online, because apparently typing “w8” is significantly faster than “wait,” but now it has moved beyond that. AIM speak has moved into any form of colloquial, and sometimes formal, writing.

MAXimum Exposure: Shutting up the over-participator

As I have grown from a freshman who sat through mind-numbing lectures that equated to me fulfilling a core requirement, to a senior who sits in major course discussion, there has been one major, and fateful, difference: the level of participation.

Dating on a budget

In these tough economic times, it’s important to balance being a college student with saving some coin. You need to find every corner you can cut, and not just in the classroom, but in your love life as well.

JCU wins over wall

The Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas ruled in favor of John Carroll University on March 2 in a lawsuit filed over a wall between a JCU-owned property and the property owned by the Fairmount Condo Association on 20201 North Park Blvd in Shaker Heights.

SU bill to limit the field

The Student Union Senate passed a bill forcing students to get written approval from the dean of students before they can run for the Senate or Executive Board.

Holiday cheer spread to youngsters

The John Carroll University community welcomed 85 children on Saturday to share in the magic of the holiday season. Through the Eyes of a Child is an annual event in which children are able to participate in crafts, listen to a story, decorate cookies, watch a play, take a picture with Santa Claus and enjoy a Christmas lunch.

Korean leaders meet, agree on armistace

The leaders of North Korea and South Korea met recently for a very rare set of meetings discussing many topics concerning both nations on the Korean Peninsula.

SU voting going online

Starting this fall, voting for Student Union elections for both Executive Board and class Senate positions will be online instead of using paper ballots.

‘Graduation’ offers strong new beats

There are a few times when he uses rather intense words and phrases, but if you’re a fan of West that is something that you would expect before you picked up this album.

What would it take to close down JCU?

The time has come for John Carroll University to re-evaluate what emergency procedures are currently in place. Specifically, how to academically proceed if there were to be some sort of emergency in which the campus would need to be shut down for more than a few days.