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Columns: Rehabbing the addiction

This is my last column, maybe not ever, but at least for The Carroll News. Even though my reign has been brief, it’s been great. I’ve plugged self-acceptance, human rights, and “Glee.” But I’ve never promoted myself. As someone who needs a job in journalism for the summer in order to build my portfolio, I…

Chapstick: N-Oprah

I don’t like Oprah. There isn’t a reason behind it or anything, it’s just the way I feel. 
I often think when watching her show that the melodrama of it all is annoying and her facial expressions never really change, whether she’s happy, sad or giving away humpback whales. 
It always annoyed me that she…

Chapstick: Musical machismo

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a strange phenomenon. I’m referring to multiple, almost dismissible references to those Broadway favorites whose lyrics are forever seared into the back of your mind. I’m serious, it’s everywhere. You know what my favorite part about it is? They’ve almost all been made by men.
I mean,…

Columns: ImmokaLIVE

I’m a senior and I have been trying to figure out my life for, oh, about 22 years now. I haven’t had much success in figuring out my profession, but occasionally, I have some hefty realizations.  One came two weeks ago as I sat on a dusty linoleum floor of a classroom in Immokalee, Fla. …

Chapstick: Under pressure

In 1981 Queen and David Bowie recorded “Under Pressure.” Or if you were born in the ‘90s, you know it as the original song that Vanilla Ice ripped off for “Ice Ice Baby.”
Anyway, although it isn’t my favorite Queen song (that title goes to “Bohemian Rhapsody,” duh) I have had quite a strong connection…

Chapstick: What’s not to love?

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. I would apologize for reminding you, but let’s face it, I’m not the only one talking about it. In light of Valentine’s Day, my roommate, Laura, and I decided to see what we were doing wrong (i.e., why we are 22 and haven’t been in serious relationships). We didn’t have…

Chapstick: The art of aging

As a second semester senior, I’m starting to feel the effects of my age. I am stiff when I wake up in the morning, I forget everything, and I walk around campus complaining about how “things were different in my day.” 
I’m really getting freaked out by the fact that suddenly I’m relating better with…

OurView: Spicing up my life one birthday at a time

Back in September I signed up to write the staff commentary this week because today, Thursday, Nov. 19 is my birthday and I thought everyone should know. However, I also have something else to bring to your attention. Thus, in an effort to multitask I have come up with the following commentary. Please enjoy.

STLF holds fundraiser to go green

On Saturday Nov. 7, Students Today, Leaders Forever will be holding a fundraising event like John Carroll University has never seen. The first-ever cocktail party will be held in the Dolan Science Center. The event is complete with jazz music, by JCU’s own Jazz band and fancy hors d’oeuvres.
The organization is holding the fundraiser…

JCU Faculty on Facebook

Facebook has become a popular means of communication for people all over the world. The phenomenon that was originally just for college students when it premiered in 2004, has since grown to be one of the most used social networks, now including everyone from junior high to those in the workforce.
There are over 300…

OurView: It’s the little things that brighten my day

Nothing makes me smile more than taking the time to look around and appreciate what makes my life what it is.

Spot ON: Maryclaire Moroney

Professor Maryclaire Moroney has been an intricate part of the John Carroll University community since 1991. She is a favorite amongst colleagues and students and continues to exhibit her excellence in teaching.
Background: A native Virginian, Moroney graduated summa cum laude from the College of William and Mary with degrees in English and history. She…

JCU to host the Ohio Fair Trade Expo

On Sept. 26, JCU will host the Ohio Fair Trade Expo, which will feature speakers, workshops and a fair trade market with over 20 vendors from across Ohio. There will be a variety of fair trade gifts, clothing, food and drinks. 
The expo is an educational event aimed to impassion people to become advocates for…

Weinstein given prestigious award

We at John Carroll University are in the presence of academic excellence; Professor Gerald Weinstein has been named the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding Ohio Accounting Educator for 2009.
The award is presented annually to an educator who has made remarkable contributions to the accounting profession and whose teaching skills and techniques merit special recognition.…

7 Seniors to Watch

Andrew Summerson, Matt Wooters, Jessica Serbin, Josh Marcin, Samantha Cocco, Doug Walton and Scott Matthews have made their mark. These students have gone above and beyond during their college careers. As college students, they’ve reached success. Now, with graduation and life after Carroll right around the corner, we asked these students what their futures hold.

Nominations for the 2008 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

It’s election time again and the nominations are out. The candidates for the 2008 election are Madonna, Beastie Boys, The Dave Clark 5, Leonard Cohen, Afrika Bamnaata, John Mellencamp, The Ventures, Donna Summer and Chic.