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Sher It Like It Is: Why do you do that to yourself?

Every week on my way to the newsroom I pass the workout room. I stare at the people on the elliptical machines and shutter at the sweat dripping down their faces. All I can think is: Why on earth would you do that to yourself every week?
I’ve taken health classes so I kind of…

UH: A year later, relations have improved

University Heights Mayor improves relationship with JCU
University Heights Mayor Susan Infeld is nearing the end of her first year in office.
“It [the first year] has been busy,” said Infeld. “I don’t know that it has been as productive as I would have liked it to be, but I’m still working on that. I…

Sher It Like It Is: For good or ill

Thank God Al Gore invented the Internet.
It is a nice tool that I’ve been using for literally as long as I can remember. Last night, a fellow editor used it to pull up the list of candidates for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year and I was a little surprised by some of the…

Sher It Like It Is: Still wants to be a babysitter

Every weekend I do something wonderful. I come home late and I’m a little tired, but I have earned a fistful of cash that will get me through the week. Sometimes I work twice in one weekend.
I am a babysitter. 
It is a great job. From my estimations, babysitters in University Heights make between…

Sher It Like It Is: A “liberal gene”

In high school, were you the Homecoming King or the band geek? Did you spend your lunch period at the cool table in the cafeteria or in the library by yourself? Do you consider yourself liberal?
New research suggests that if you had a lot of friends in high school and consider yourself liberal there…

Sher It Like It Is: Take on The CN

I think it is time for The Carroll News to have a real competitor.
You can judge me, but I have been to a lot of journalism conferences during my time at JCU. More importantly I have met a lot of people from other schools who want to become journalists.
JCU is unique because we…

JCU student severely injured at party

When students enroll at John Carroll University they accept the University’s Community Standards Manual and the Student Code of Conduct.
On Sept. 6, 2010, junior John Calubaquib wasn’t thinking about the Code of Conduct. He was at a house party off campus with his friends and that night he was particularly intrigued by a drumset.…

Sher It Like It Is: Detracting from the ads

If you’ve been watching TV lately you may have been a little confused during the commercial breaks. Instead of ads for baby back ribs and the newsest mom-approved minivan, the TV is flooded with political candidates unjustly taking stabs at one another to prove they deserve your vote.
The ads are so cruel that it…

Sher It Like It Is: Why can’t we be friends?

As a journalist, is it possible for me to be your friend and stay true to my journalistic nature? The answer is, probably not.
When I was applying at Dairy Queen for what would later become my first job, the interviewers asked me what was more important, speed or quality. If the job was with…

CollegeACB blocked on campus

Students have found a new forum for relieving frustrations and starting discussions about peers and campus organizations. (acronym stands for Anonymous Confession Board) allows users to anonymously make posts without censorship or repercussions.
The site, no longer accessible from the JCU campus server, was blocked by JCU’s Information Technology Service Department on Sept. 28…

Sher It Like It Is: Are you employing a criminal?

If you knew someone who cheated his classmates out of millions of dollars; took the intellectual property of someone else and slightly modified it to call it his own; and turned on the only person he could call a friend, would you be proud to say you helped him become the world’s youngest billionaire?

Sher It Like It Is: Stop contacting me

JCU seems to be ahead of the game with finding the latest ways to reach us. 
Aside from the text message alert, which I support (except when I get a monthly text notification at 2:14 a.m.), JCU is abusing their ability to contact us. Right now that includes Blackboard, BannerWeb, and OrgSync. 
E-mail, a class…

Sher It Like It Is: You’re an only child?

People with no siblings are spoiled, bossy, maladjusted, selfish and weird.
Franklin Roosevelt, Condoleezza Rice, Lance Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley are just a few of those people. I don’t think of them bossy or selfish, and they certainly don’t seem maladjusted. Lance and Elvis might be a little weird, but I doubt that…

Commitment to serve

Fifteen of JCU’s Wolfpack Battalion will serve in military following graduation

Sher It Like It Is: Economy or Parking

Labor Day: a day off from work or for many Americans just another day without a job. 
This year it seems particularly ironic that the celebration of your ability to work warrants a day away from the office. According to the United States Department of Labor the day is a “tribute to the contributions workers…

Evaluations: Does what you have to say matter?

How useful are evaluations at improving the quality of courses?

Sher It Like It Is: Is awkward

Not too long ago my friends and I were leaving the cafeteria. When we turned the corner a large group of people were headed toward us. Not thinking, afraid of getting in their way, and actually trying to avoid an awkward moment, I dodged to the side to get out of their way. I reacted…

Relay For Life drops in number of participants and donations

Relay For Life participants raised about $40,000 last weekend roughly 40 percent of the $100,356.86 raised in 2007 when John Carroll University was named the top collegiate Relay event in the country for their bracket. The $40,000 is an estimate, according to Office of Student Activities Graduate Assistant Rachel Ball, who served as Relay For…

Sher It Like It Is: Because sometimes life stinks

Please don’t let ‘em rip.
While I like to think the caliber of my columns is slightly above the absolutely absurd, this week there is something rather elementary that I would like to discuss: farts. Loud, silent, small, no matter the delivery they all stink.
When I was writing the first draft of this article…

Sher It Like It Is: Hit/miss: a conference at The New York Times

The New York Times is known around the world as a prestigious and reputable news source. In New York City, it is the namesake of Times Square.
Last weekend, it was also the site of “Inside The Times,” a workshop for college newspaper editors. Bob Seeholzer and I were two of those editors. With high…

Sher It Like It Is: Butterfly clips, Art Stuff glitter, and slap bracelets

Last weekend, the Masters was on, and in case you’re not a huge golf fan like I am (sarcasm), Phil Mickelson won. His wife and family congratulated him as he walked off the green. Mickelson’s oldest daughter was also there to greet him, and while I’m sure she will grow into a beautiful woman like…

Sher It Like It Is: People are stupid

People are stupid.
A 17-year-old in Kennewick, Wa. is one of those stupid people. Because he is underage, his name hasn’t been released, but to make this story easier to understand we’ll call him Smith. Smith is probably a lot like any other 17-year-old. He might enjoy video games, skateboarding, oh, and watching a little…

Lost and found?

Miscommunication hinders investigation into stolen property.

Sher It Like It Is: This is what happens when you assume

I’m short and pale. I straighten my hair every day and I’ve never worn sweat pants to class. While I like to think I dress nicely, my clothes aren’t all name brand, and lately I’ve been carrying a backpack that I’ve had since fifth grade. When I’m on campus, if I’m not in class I’m…

Sher It Like It Is: World Snooze

Our world news editor, Sean Webster, takes a lot of flak from our staff, but with good reason. He is responsible for a section of the newspaper that receives little attention and always has the potential to be outdated.
 We affectionately refer to Webster as our “world snooze” editor and joke that no one reads…