Articles by Kevin Grande

Tea Party wins big in primaries

Last week, insurgent Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell narrowly defeated Republican Congressman Mike Castle in the party’s Delaware primary. Castle, a former governor of the Delaware and the state’s only member in the House of Representatives, was the preferred candidate of party leaders. As a social moderate, his politics were more appealing to a state…

Obama to offer health plan that builds off of current system

In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was mulling over whether or not to incorporate a national health insurance program into his New Deal. Fearing it would jeopardize the chances of Congress passing his other New Deal initiatives, Roosevelt decided to leave it out. Since then, however, national health insurance has been a main priority for many Democrats.

Bonuses spark a populist outrage

All too often, the sight of men in expensive suits getting scolded by a congressional committee or being hauled off in handcuffs graces television screens. The most recent in the long line of egregious actions of mismanagement was the distribution of bonuses to executives of AIG from funds they received from the federal bailout package.