Articles by Jennifer Holton

NPR fights against criticism, spending cuts

Imagine getting in the car on the way to work or the store and scanning the radio for the news, but being unable to find it. You scan for the NPR affiliate, but it is missing.
That is the future that 27.5 million NPR listeners could face this time next year, as a cloud of…

Hues of red dominate the fashion radar of Tinseltown

Seeing shades of red at the Oscars

OurView: The curious case of Mischa Barton

Poor Mischa Barton.  The fallen star of Fox’s epic failure “The O.C.” Known by Perez Hilton afficionado’s as “Mischa Farton,” the actress has taken, in recent years, what some may call a dramatic downward spiral.  A spiral strikingly similar to the path the truck took down the side of a mountain in the season finale…

Multiple celebrity scandals yet, untarnished fame follows

Today, it is almost impossible to turn on the television, or open a newspaper, or Internet browser without seeing the latest news on the most popular celebrities.
Not only is the Internet flooded with information about who did what at the grocery store that day, but you see what scandals each and every one of…

‘The Roommate’ is poor modern take on ‘Fatal Attraction’

Antoine Dodson would be warning college students everywhere to “Hide your clothes, hide your jewelry, hide your belongings, because there’s a psycho roommate out there.”  
At least that’s the case in director Christian E. Christiansen’s new film, “The Roommate.”
However, lukewarm with an apparent inability to properly develop suspense, “The Roommate” prevails at only two…

Chic Executive: A look into the fashionable lives of the first ladies, past and present

Years before the nation’s capital was situated on the north bank of the Potomac River, the wife of the President of the United States had stolen attention of the people.  
In the 18th century, Martha Washington arrived in New York City one month after her husband’s April 1789 inauguration, praised by many who cheered “Lady…

Rwanda immersion group meets president

John Carroll University’s mission statement was proven true this past January when students and faculty and staff members from the University traveled to Rwanda for a 12-day immersion experience in the small African country known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills.”
Well-Known for the tragic 1994 genocide that took the lives of over 500,000…

Get to Know: Rev. Robert Niehoff, S.J.

Niehoff serves as the president of John Carroll University.
Where are you from? “I grew up in the northwest part of the United States about 50 miles from Seattle.”
What is it like to be the president of a university? “There is always more to do than I can ever do. Once you get used…

Get to Know: Rev. William M. Bichl, S.J.

Bichl serves the University as a campus minister and works with alumni relations.
Where are you from? “I am a native of Chicago.”
What is the best part about your job? “I love working with the students as an academic adviser, and earlier as assistant dean in Arts & Sciences (for 24 years).”
What is…

Get to Know: Rev. Casey Bukala, S.J.

Bukala is a philosophy professor at John Carroll, and  specializes in the study of phenomenology and existentialism.
Where are you from? “I’m a Clevelander, graduated from Holy Name High School and John Carroll, attended Western Reserve and spent two years in the Army before entering the Jesuit novitiate in 1958.”
What is the best part…

Randy returns to ‘A Christmas Story House’

“You’ll shoot your eye out” and “Momma, I can’t put my arms down” may be the most well-known lines from “A Christmas Story.” But it is the child that spoke the latter who has garnered all of the attention in Northeast Ohio recently. 
Ian Petrella will be forever known as Ralphie’s little brother Randy and…

OurView: Be the true love and give for twelve days

Of all the Christmas music that fills my ears during the holiday season, there is no song I loathe more than “The 12 days of Christmas.”  It’s most likely the recounting and repetitiveness that gets to my patience, but all-in-all I take it to be a useless carol.  The term “twelve days of Christmas” represents…

Talks on Iranian nuclear program get nowhere, but future talks planned

A session of talks concluded Tuesday between six major powers and Iran over its nuclear program, with scarce signs of advancement.  The meeting was the first in 14 months among Iran and the five United Nations Security Council permanent members (the United States, Britain, France, China and Russia) plus Germany. 
A further meeting was scheduled…

Struggles appear on stage in ‘Y-Haven Theatre Project’

Combine the struggles of addiction and homelessness with a stage, lights and an audience.
The product is a story of hardships and recovery, displayed on stage in the Y-Haven Theatre Project.
A theatre production acted out by formerly homeless men in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, the tour will stop by John Carroll University…

Protect yourself and others from gym germs

The gym is where people are supposed to go and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But without following the right precautions, going to the gym can actually harm you. 
As the germ season arrives, students should become more cautious about protecting themselves and others from the spread of illness. 
With all the people and sweat sharing…

Wine and Gold: With a new season and a new era upon them,

The Cleveland Cavaliers have a whole new look coming into the 2010-2011 season. 
And no, it is not the lack of some guy who decided to take his “talents to South Beach.” It is the reinvention of the Cavs’ uniform and logo. 
The team started off its season with a win over the Celtics, and…

Cosmopolitan ‘2010 Bachelor of the Year’ is a JCU alum

Ryan “Mickey” McClean, a John Carroll 2003 alumnus was named Cosmopolitan Magazine’s “Most Eligible Single Guy of 2010,” beating out 50 men from the other 50 states and the District of Columbia.  The Carroll News talked with him over the phone about winning the Cosmo title, his John Carroll experience, and his current career.

New exhibit at Kent State brings film history to life

Most of us collect things that have memories from our past experiences, whether it’s a favorite clothing item or a picture from a memorable event.
For Katharine Hepburn this collection expanded to fill a Connecticut warehouse.
The collection, entitled “Katharine Hepburn: Dressed For Stage and Screen,” opened Oct. 2 at Kent State University’s Museum.

DEFRIENDED: ‘The Social Network’ effectively develops betrayal in Facebook’s inception

Before Facebook creeping and relationship statuses were an issue and denied friend requests hurt our feelings, there was a group of Harvard University sophomores with the potential of making these three things possible. 
 Luckily (or maybe not) for us, the potential became a reality.  
Facebook, as we all know, is the social media giant that…

OurView: Can’t buy me happiness

My older brother, the sibling who took all of the math and science genes, constantly badgers me with the notion that, as a communication major, I will grow up to be a destitute woman. One who will lead a less than satisfactory life because of an inability to sustain a six-figure income. He, on the…

Author David Sedaris to visit Playhouse Square

Author David Sedaris will be at the  State Theatre at Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland Oct. 12. Sedaris will present an evening book reading as well as a signing. Author of best-selling novels such as “When You Are Engulfed in Flames” and “Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim,” Sedaris is best known for his…

Potential County Executives debate at Donahue

Students with an interest in the local elections had their chance to compare candidates on Sept. 27 when John Carroll University hosted the Cuyahoga County Executive debate.  
The event was sponsored by the John Carroll Conservatives, the College Democrats, Pi Sigma Alpha and the department of political science.  
Of the six candidates running for office,…

Colbert testifies before House

Comedian Steven Colbert appeared before a congressional hearing Friday Sept. 25, to speak to a judiciary subcommittee on the issue of farm workers and immigration.
Specifically, the hearing was on whether to grant undocumented farm workers the right to gain legal status by continuing to work in agricultural settings.
While his submitted testimony contained serious…

‘Bodies’ exhibition spotlights anatomy

Whether students are science majors, anatomy gurus, or just plain interested in the makeup of our human figure, “Bodies… The Exhibition” may be the exhibit to see to learn more about the machines humans inhabit.
Currently residing in downtown Cleveland, the exhibit focusing solely on the human form is one of the 12 showings throughout…

New facility ‘Inspiral Motion’ offers energy-raising classes

Recently opened within walking distance of John Carroll University’s campus is the new energy center Inspiral Motion.  The facility, located above Pizzazz on the Circle, offers classes in pilates, yoga  Gyrokinesis and Gyrotonic.
While some are familiar with yoga and pilates classes, not much is known about the Gyrotonic Expansion System.  Inspiral Motion offers classes…