Articles by Christina Phillis

The Communications Department: For Top of the Line Technology

The television studio will be overhauled for the first time in its 13 year existence in the O’Malley Center, according to John Carroll University’s Communications and Theatre Arts Department Chair, Mary Ann Flannery. This summer the designs for a digital studio will be implemented, which, according to Flannery, will benefit students immensely.

Does plastic generation go too far?

Tuck, suck, inject, and reshape have become common terms tossed around the doctor’s office in today’s society. Plastic surgery, whether for medical purposes or cosmetic, is no stranger to lives of Americans. It is not a stranger to young people either.

Perfect spring break in Cleveland

I am not going to let my lack of organizational skills get me down. I am embracing the winter wonderland that I call home. You can do it to if you follow a few simple steps to a better Spring Break in Cleveland.

One Act comedies please audience

The One Acts come only twice a year and everytime they do you can anticipate it will be a good show. This year they took it to the next level with three very comedic performances. The actors of the One Acts performed well and looked like they had a great time doing it.

Real life trauma told by student documentary

Blood, guts and tears. All of these words can be used to describe what John Carroll University junior Robert Duns saw when filming his documentary, “Trauma." The half-hour film follows kids into the Huron Road Hospital as they are brought in for gun shot wounds and other inflictions caused by gang life.