Articles by Colin Beisel

OurView: Where is the progressive voice in America?

This past Tuesday I voted in one of the most depressing elections of my life. Before me in the ballot box were two less than enthusiastic candidates for governor. The Democrat, Ted Strickland, has presided over some of the most draconian death penalty procedures in U.S. history. Strickland has made Ohio one of the most…

OurView: After protest, it is time for the administration to listen

John Carroll University has found itself on the wrong side of history.  In a day and age of growing acceptance of gays and lesbians, the University still refuses to amend its non-discrimination policies to accommodate these men and women who are subject to much prejudice in society. A group of brave individuals protested this decision…

OurView: Racist motivations stain Tea Party protests

I used to think that racism was a thing of the past—an idea from a by-gone era that revives images of African Americans fighting for their rights in 1960s Birmingham, Ala.  Yet, recent political events suggest that racism is alive and well in the hearts and minds of millions of Americans who view a black…

Students to see changes around campus in Fall

Over the summer, John Carroll University will undergo several renovations to the campus, according to Associate Vice President of Facilities Carol Dietz. Dietz said one of the major projects on campus will be the renovation of the men and women’s bathrooms near the mailboxes in the Rec Plex. The goal is for the facilities to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

JCU students face possible charges

Two John Carroll University students could face charges pending an investigation by Campus Safety Services and the University Heights Police Department after they allegedly used hallucinogenic drugs.

I’ve Got the Opening Day Blues

As Major League Baseball’s Opening Day fast approaches us, I’m wrought with one number plaguing my mind: 16. Why 16, you ask? That’s how many years it’s been since my Pittsburgh Pirates finished with a winning record. Yes, I know you’re surprised—you didn’t know Pittsburgh even had a baseball team.