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The Carroll News is the official student newspaper of John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio. The Carroll News is an extended tabloid format newspaper with an image area of 10 x 16 inches. The Carroll News publishes no less than 3,500 issues each Thursday of the school year and observes all JCU breaks. Readership includes more than 3,000 undergraduate students and 850 graduate students, as well as faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and community members.

Advertising in The Carroll News can be done as either a classified ad or a display ad. All advertising quotes reflect the cost to run one as in The Carroll News. Coupons or discounts may apply.

Please refer to or ask for our Publication Date and Advertising Deadline Sheet.


Classified ads appear in the classifieds section (usually the back page of the paper) and cost $5.00 for the first ten words and $.25 for each additional word. A word is defined as a group of characters have a space before and after it. Phone and fax numbers, websites, and e-mail addresses count as one word. Content for classified ads must be typed or written clearly and dropped off or e-mailed to the Carroll News by noon on the Monday prior to Thursday publication. Order forms are available on the door to The Carroll News office, or upon request. The Carroll News does not accept classified ads over the phone.

Checks can be made payable to The Carroll News. John Carroll University departments and organizations can provide a budget number. Cash is accepted, but correct change is required.


Display ads are sold by the column inch at a rate of $9.00 per column inch, based on a five column layout. One column inch is one column wide (approx. 1 7/8 inch) by one column high.

Display ad orders must be received by midnight a week before publication. Camera-ready artwork is preferred and can be dropped off, mailed to, or e-mailed. All e-mail files must be either a .jpeg or .pdf and can be sent to The Carroll news is not responsible for files or e-mails that are not received so please call ahead.

Actual widths of display ads are as follows:

1 Column = 1 7/8 inches wide

2 Columns = 3 7/8 inches wide

3 Columns = 5 7/8 inches wide

4 Columns = 7 7/8 inches wide

5 Columns = 10 inches wide

Common Display Ad sizes & Prices:

1 Column x 3 inches $27.00

2 Columns x 3 inches $54.00

2 Columns x 4 inches $72.00

2 Columns x 5 inches $90.00

2 Columns x 6 inches $108.00

2 Columns x 7 inches $126.00

2 Columns x 8 inches $144.00

3 Columns x 4 inches $108.00

3 Columns x 5 inches $135.00

3 Columns x 6 inches $162.00

3 Columns x 7 inches (quarter page) $189.00

3 Columns x 8 inches $216.00

5 Columns x 4 inches (quarter page) $180.00

5 Columns x 8 inches (half page) $360.00

5 Columns x 16 inches (full page) $720.00


John Carroll University departments and organizations, JCU alumni and non-profit organizations receive a 15% discount.

Other discounts include:

5% Early Order Discount (before Sept. 5)

5-10 ads 5% discount

11-15 ads 10% discount

16+ ads 15% discount


Prepayment is required for all contracts totaling under $500. Invoices, along with tearsheets, are mailed on the day each ad in a contract is printed. All invoices and payment must be remitted within 30 days of the publication date. Additional tearsheets must be requested, otherwise only one is sent.

Accounts not paid within 30 days of invoice receipt are subject to a 15% late fee and will be referred to the John Carroll University Business Office and thereafter to a collection agency.


Advertising that is knowingly misleading or deceitful, fraudulent, or unlawful, suggestive or in bad taste is unacceptable.

The Carroll News will not accept advertising for the following: abortion clinics, incarcerated individuals, 1-900 numbers, sperm banks, or contraceptives.

The Carroll News will accept advertising from establishments serving alcoholic beverages. As a rule, no direct references to alcohol may be made in the advertisement. Drink specials cannot be advertised.

The Carroll News is not responsible for errors in camera-ready art or when a proof is approved by the advertiser or advertiser’s representative. Placement or page position is neither guaranteed nor can be purchased. Position requests will be honored, when possible, on a first-come, first served basis.

The Carroll News will not be held liable for typographical errors that do not lesson the value of an advertisement. Billing adjustments for advertising errors will be determined by the Business Manager. Such adjustments will not be considered unless the Carroll News is notified before the insertion of the next ad, or within five days following a single insertion.

For more information on how to get your ad in The Carroll News, e-mail our business manager at