UberEats delivery food service now in Cleveland

October 18th, 2016


Uber recently added a new expansion of their services in Cleveland, one that involves food.

With the partnership of over 60 restaurants in the Cleveland area, Uber launched UberEats on Sept. 21, 2016. These restaurants include Fire Food and Drink, The Plum Café and Kitchen, CHA Pizza, Helio Terra Vegan, Yuzu, Taco Tantos, Fahrenheit, Heck’s Café, Gorilla BBQ and Pizza Fire.

UberEats is a delivery service in which freelance drivers pick up and drop off food from popular restaurants per the request of customers.

Native Clevelander and “Chopped” finalist on Food Network Johnathan Sawyer has even pledged his three restaurants, Greenhouse Tavern, Trentina and Noodlecat, to the app. According to, Dave Kocab, Trentina’s Executive chef, claimed that the Sawyer and UberEats partnership was a “game changer.”

“Now even more people around our city can order from any of our restaurants right through the UberEats app,” said Kocab.

Hungry customers can download the UberEats app on IOS and Android or go online to the UberEats website, make an order to the provided restaurants and include their location for delivery services, similar to the original Uber app.

Soon after their order, the customer’s favorite dishes from top quality restaurants are at their doorstep. Most restaurants offer their full menu available for delivery orders.

Customers can watch their delivery take place in real time with estimated times of arrival available within the app. UberEats allows orders to be placed seven days a week within restaurant availability hours.

Customers pay through their UberEats account with no additional tips required. For a limited time, all deliveries through UberEats will be free, yet it is unknown at this time how long this offer will last.

As of now, the restaurants available for delivery to John Carroll University’s campus include Helen’s Game Time, Zanzibar, Fire Food and Drink, Café Bon Appetit, Inn Crowd Lounge and Donato’s Pizza.

With Uber’s newest fast food feature, not only will UberEats benefit local businesses, but Uber is looking to employ 1,000 drivers in the Cleveland area alone.

UberEats hopes to provide a more convenient dining experience for people on the move and busy families.

UberEats has already been launched in Cincinnati and Columbus in Ohio, where it has been received very positively by the public.

With Uber’s new expansion of their services to Cleveland, John Carroll students share their excitement for the app’s new food delivery feature.

Senior Gabby Douglas said, “I think that UberEats is especially good for college students who don’t have cars. Uber is a legitimate and reliable company too, so this is a great idea.”

“I have never needed to use Uber, however the brand seems like a good idea and would be beneficial to someone without access to a car,” said sophomore Zach Moosachio. “I can see myself using UberEats because I frequently order delivery food due to its convenience. I think the food industry is becoming more diverse and is offering multiple ways to provide their services.”

According to, Lisa Sands, the Director of Marketing and Communications for University Circle Inc., said, “The new service effectively expands the capacity and reach of our local restaurants to be able to service a whole new network of potential customers.”

Editor’s Note: Information from,, Fox 8 and News Net 5 were used in this article.