Utilizing Student Union

September 22nd, 2016


Recently, the John Carroll University Student Union has expressed its disappointment that it has received very little attention from University administration regarding two bills passed last school year. One of the bills deals with changing the University’s language on its sexual consent policy and the other calls for the administration to start printing the University’s rationale for expelling a student on said student’s academic transcripts.


The Student Union, as an organization, is meant to draft legislation and suggest policy changes that reflect the will of the student body. Typically, officials and Student Union members meet soon after propositions are submitted in order to work on finding an acceptable solution to the problem at hand. This, however, has not yet happened with the two outstanding bills from last year.


This paper would like to bring to light an apparent issue in the organization’s current lack of legitimacy. If the administration and the Student Union do not act collaboratively, the Student Union, as an organization, risks becoming a bad investment and an irrelevant group. Keep in mind that the Student Union executives receive pay from the University to suggest substantive changes to University policy on behalf of the student body. But if the University continues to disregard legislation that the Union produces, it is the opinion of this paper that such a Union is nothing more than a ceremonial entity, meant to pad resumes and waste tuition dollars.


The salient disconnect between the University’s administration and the Student Union needs to be resolved. Although the University recently met with executives of the Student Union about its complaints, it is clear that the Student Union did not leave satisfied. When implemented correctly, Student Unions can play a pivotal role in a responsive University setting. But, it is up to the University’s administration to acknowledge that role– if it does not, the entity as a whole becomes rather baseless. The University must either take the Student Union’s legislation seriously or reconsider the role that it plays within the JCU community.