Samsung phones under safety recall

September 22nd, 2016


Samsung has recently undergone the largest recall in the history of the smartphone industry, with a total of 2.5 million units of the new high-end smartphone, Galaxy Note 7, being recalled due to the phones catching fire.


This version of the smartphone was predicted to be the next big thing for the South Korean company’s line of Android phones.


It was praised for its bigger battery that could power the phone for an impressive nine hours. The phone also included an iris scanner, which allows users to unlock the phone with their eyes.


Although this issue has caused an upset among the Samsung users, it has also earned the smartphone company praise and recognition for their speed and decisiveness through the recall process.


The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said that the Samsung company received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S., including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage from fires.


There was also a report from Port St. Lucie, Florida police officers that responded to a report of a car on fire in a residential neighborhood in the beach city.


They found a vehicle “fully engulfed in flames.” They have also told customers to “immediately stop using and power down” the device.


Safety regulators in the United States have issued warnings that caution consumers from using the smartphone at all. However, they specifically warned against turning on the Galaxy Note 7 while on airplanes.


The Federal Agency has announced that the Galaxy Note 7 users are eligible for a free phone replacement from the Samsung company.


Samsung has assured their users that the new Galaxy Note 7 will be in most stores no later than Sept 21.


There is also the offered option of obtaining a refund or receiving a different device.


Only 0.1 percent of the 2.5 million smartphones were at risk for the overheating issues. However, the problem has caused complications for one of the world’s largest smartphone makers.


Samsung’s reputation has been jeopardized, which can be seen in the total of $14 billion that has been shaved off its market value. The recall came at a pivotal time for the company, as it was beginning to gain ground with its new line of smartphones over Apple. The longtime rival that just released the new iPhone 7.


According to research from the International Data Corporation, Samsung had the biggest share of 22 percent in the global smartphone market for the three-month period ending June 30.


By comparison,  Apple held 12 percent. The IDC also stated that Samsung benefited from the popularity of the Galaxy Note 7 and the momentum was expected to continue into the second half of the year.


Although Samsung has taken additional steps to minimize the damage, such as issuing a software update that would prevent the Note 7 from fully charging, which in turn would reduce the overheating, there are still some who question the integrity of the company.


Jennifer Shecter, a spokeswoman for the nonprofit consumer advocacy group Consumer Reports has said, “I thought, ‘How is it that this is happening?”


Shecter said the group found an inconsistent response to the recall across America, with some stores and carriers still selling the phones after Samsung’s announcement.


Shecter announced, “Samsung made an announcement, but the government wasn’t involved, there wasn’t a clear message, there wasn’t an approved remedy and there wasn’t a clear fix.”


Editor’s Note: Information from CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post was used in this report.