New location for Cleveland’s 2016 Ingenuity Fest

September 22nd, 2016


The 2016 Cleveland Ingenuity Fest will include the same exciting celebration of art and technology as in years past, but this year’s guests will take their experience to a new location outside of the city.


The Ingenuity Fest is a technology, science and arts festival that aims to explore and cultivate the relationship between art and science. In doing so, the Ingenuity Fest has repurposed underutilized areas of the city to showcase the phenomenal arts scene of Cleveland.


This year’s Ingenuity Fest will be moving outside of downtown Cleveland for the first time in the history of the event.


The event will take place in the outdoor area of the former Osborne Industrial Complex, 5401 Hamilton Avenue, in the St. Clair/Superior area.


The exciting festivities will be in full swing the weekend of Sept. 23 through Sept. 25.


The theme of this year’s festival is aptly dubbed “Awakenings,” expressing the festival’s goal to create a healthy platform for entrepreneurs and artist.


In the past, the festival has showcased different works of art, ranging from paintings to technological expressions for 12 years.


From dance and theater performances, technological demonstrations, hands on maker exhibits, to kinetic sculptures, the Ingenuity Fest truly has it all.


For more interactive artists, there will be a special expanded Ingenuity Labs program offered this year. This will provide space and different resources for artists and entrepreneurs to develop on-site projects.


Emily Appelbaum, Ingenuity’s program director, spoke about the reasoning for the festival’s move. “What’s special about St. Clair Superior is that it’s a neighborhood on the rise,” says Appelbaum, according to


Appelbaum further explained that the goal of the festival is “to build a lasting relationship with the community.”


The excitement for the Ingenuity Fest is even reaching the John Carroll campus.


Freshman Briahna Basil said, “Bringing the Ingenuity Fest out of downtown Cleveland will bring even more energy and excitement to the festival than usual.”


Freshman Ian Williams agreed, saying “Evidently the Ingenuity Fest has a positive effect on the community, so it should definitely have a place in the community outside of the city.”


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