Broadway sensations coming to Playhouse Square

September 22nd, 2016


The 2016-2017 Keybank Broadway Series “Broadway in Cle” is always an annual showstopper for the Cleveland Theater District. With a range of Tony Award-winning Broadway musicals and classic favorites, this year’s Broadway series will have theater-goers coming back for more.


The first musical in the Broadway series line-up is the five-time Tony Award-winning musical “Fun Home,” which will be showing at Playhouse Square from Oct. 2 through Oct. 22. Watch Alison Brechdel’s best-selling graphic novel come to life in this “refreshingly honest musical about seeing your parents through grown up eyes.” Audiences all over the world have fallen in love with the storyline, music and characters featured in “Fun Home” and truly appreciate the musical’s relatability.


Going along with the “coming of age” theme, Gary Barlow’s Tony Award-winning musical “Finding Neverland” will be showing at Playhouse Square from Nov. 1 through Nov. 20. Learn about the development of one of Disney’s most beloved characters, Peter Pan, from the live adaptation of author J.M. Barrie’s life in this light-hearted musical that has enchanted theater-goers since December 2015. Freshman Danielle Brickmann is beyond excited for “Finding Neverland” to arrive in Cleveland.


“I’ve loved Peter Pan ever since I was a little girl,” says Brickmann, “Going to see a musical about how one of my favorite Disney characters was created sounds like a great time.”


“I, too, am excited to see ‘Finding Neverland’,” says senior Brian Holler. “I’ve heard this show has great choreography and I can’t wait to dress up and go downtown to see the show.”


Kicking off the 2017 Broadway musical season in Cleveland will be James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Into the Woods.” This whimsical and witty production follows the misadventures of several popular characters stemming from fairytales by the Brothers Grimm. Theatergoers will see “Into the Woods” as they’ve never seen it before this coming year, with several changes to the theatrical setting and an addition of two brand new songs.


Freshman Gabby Flores commented, “The movie for ‘Into the Woods’ was very interesting, so I’m sure the newest version of this musical will be too.” This most current and revitalized version of  “Into the Woods” will be showing at Playhouse Square from Jan. 10 through Jan. 29.


Three-time Tony Award-winning musical classic, “The King and I” features a unique love story that absorbs audiences into the twists and turns of opposite morals and teaching values. Freshman Adam Beaufort spoke of his excitement for the musical, saying “I performed ‘The King and I’ back in high school. I would really be excited for it to come back to Cleveland and see it professionally done.” Following the widowed British schoolteacher, Anna, and her teaching exertions with the King of Siam and his many children, this musical is set to premiere Feb. 7 and captivate audiences until Feb. 26.


“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” recently snagged a 2015 Tony Award for best play. Christopher is an extraordinarily intelligent young boy who seems to be ill-equipped to interpret everyday life. When accused of killing his neighbor’s dog, Christopher sets out to find the true culprit. Marianne Elliott’s play takes audiences on a life changing journey full of self discovery and growing up. Witness Christopher search for the culprit from March 21 through April 9.


Theatre’s favorite brotherly duo, Nick and Nigel Bottom, write the world’s first ever musical in “Something Rotten!” Set in 1595, the Bottom brothers want nothing more than to write a hit play. In hopes of receiving good news, the pair makes an appointment to see a soothsayer who will, hopefully, drop hints about their uncertain future. After seeing said mysterious fortune-teller, Nick and Nigel work together to write a play that features singing, dancing and acting – all at the same time. Clevelanders will have their opportunity to catch Broadway’s smashing hit “Something Rotten!” from April 25 to May 14.


To close the Broadway 2016-2017 series, Cleveland Playhouse Square welcomes “An American in Paris.” Set just after World War II, “An American in Paris” ventures into the life a young soldier recently recovering from his injuries. This 2016 Tony Award-winner takes audiences by the hand and helps them step foot into France, where the young soldier falls deeply in love with a French ballerina who just happens to be engaged to another man. Director Christopher Wheeldon’s musical is set to perform this summer from June 20 through July 9.


Junior Rachel Osheka shares, “I’m really looking forward to seeing the Broadway series coming to Cleveland this year, especially ‘Finding Neverland’ and ‘Something Rotten! Every year the musicals that have toured in Cleveland have been phenomenal. This year, I’m hoping to see the same enthusiasm in each performance that makes audiences never want to leave the theater once the show is over.”

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