Spears makes a comeback with “Glory”

September 21st, 2016



Britney Spears’ ‘Glory’ does not fail to live up to it’s name. Spears has continued her music career well off into her life, giving her a large pool of song ideas and stories.


‘Glory’ is Spears’ ninth studio album, making her musical belt large and in charge.


The album starts off with her first track, ‘Invitation’. The song is slow and smooth, giving it a very chill yet somewhat dancey vibe to it.


Following ‘Invitation’ comes ‘Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes).’ Coming after a slower song, this song picks up the pace, with a hint of Spanish guitar. When the song reaches the chorus, the pace is bumped up to full speed for a burst of dance-like fun, not to mention the hint of Spanish in the lyrics is tasteful.


‘Love Me Down’ follows and is just as upbeat as ‘Change Your Mind’. I couldn’t help but find myself tapping my foot along to the song and the sudden urge to get up and dance instead of continuing my writing.


‘Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)’ trails the previous track. ‘Make Me…’ is Spears’ choice for her lead single, which did not fall short when it came to picking the perfect song to make people get up and move.


Following ‘Make Me…,’ ‘Liar’ starts off a little rough but improves with patience. Sometimes the best songs are hidden after 30 seconds.


‘Private Show’ being the second promotional single to ‘Glory’ is paired to promote Spears’ newest fragrance, also named ‘Private Show’. The song is quirky and fun, making you feel like you can definitely be the star of any show. Listening to ‘Just Like Me’ is relaxing, slowing down the pace in comparison to the rest of the album. The song is still danceable, yet resembles an acoustic song vaguely.


‘If I’m Dancing’ is a simple and effortless song the Spears presents her fans. Some of the best dance songs don’t involve love or anger, but just the sole purpose of having fun and not caring about anything else, and that’s what this song conveys and proves.


‘Coupure Électrique’ is dark and mysterious. The French title gives the song a sense of unfamiliarity and makes the listener want to dig a little deeper into this song. ‘


Better’ fits in with a lot of today’s styles of music on the radio. The song is fun and has a portion where the beat drops into a great dance portion.


‘Hard To Forget Ya’ will remind listeners and fans of the old school Britney. There is something about it that reminds listeners of her music from the past and a mix of her music today.


‘What You Need’ is jazzy and spunky. This number captures Spears’ fun and exciting personality.


‘Do You Wanna Come Over?’ is funky and makes you feel like you’re spinning around the room. The song’s topic fits how the song flows, making you feel anxious on what your decision should be.


‘Clumsy’ is slower than it really needs to be. It’s not the strongest in the bunch, but it does not get drowned out by its fellow trackmates.


‘Slumber Party’ is playful and energetic, just how any slumber party should be.


‘Man On The Moon’ fits Spears’ persona perfectly and to a tee. Being a Spears fan for years, songs about space always seem to hit it home with her.


Lastly, ‘Just Luv Me’ is smooth and calm. It feels like Spears is dragging you into a trance of love. Overall, ‘Glory’ earns and really deserves 8/10 yellow pythons.