A fall fashion hello

September 21st, 2016

When it comes to fall fashion, it seems to be a very big fan favorite around town. When the leaves start to fall and the colors start to change, people get into a mood where anything crisp and crunchy becomes the most appealing thing in sight.

The fall season is one of my favorites. Being able to wear a warm sweater and nice jeans is something I just adore doing. It’s the environment that makes the fashion so much better. When the reds and yellows around you compliment the browns and blacks that you decide to put on, your outfit is bound to stick out to everyone around you.

Ponchos are making a big comeback the past two fall seasons, so please, don’t be afraid to own up to one and rock it. They are just like a giant blanket you can wear. Not to mention, you can get some pretty awesome designs. Ponchos can give you the feeling of  being free and warm, something we all want. Don’t think for a second that ponchos are only for women, men can rock them too!

Ladies, this fall, don’t shy away from browns and blacks, be open to what a contrast they can bring to your outfits. When it comes to shoes, the chunky heel is making a comeback, not to mention your back and feet will thank you for wearing a heel that’s much easier on your body.

High waisted jeans have been extremely popular with a nice crop top or trendy t shirt. Don’t be afraid to get lighter wash jeans. They can give you a grungy or sometimes a cleaner look during the day or even when you go out at night. It never hurts to show off a little curve in your high waisted jeans.

Men, a good button up or button down can mean all the difference when it comes to your outfits. Go for dark reds and blues. They often tend to complement all skin tones. A good pair of khakis or dark wash jeans will take you all the way home when it comes to pairing with your new button downs.

Men should not fear tighter clothes. Men with slimmer body types or more muscular builds can often flatter themselves with more form fitting shirts as well as pants. A tighter pants looks cleaner in the sense that things fit you well and shows off a little muscle when it comes to the legs.

Fashion don’t this fall are to not get something too big for you. Sometimes the bigger the size means that it will make you look bigger than you actually are. A big sweater only works if it’s length droops a little below the waist line for girls, and graphic tees for guys are very out of style alone, but paired with a good button down or hoodie can make all the difference. Try a style that you wouldn’t normally wear, it can sometimes be surprisingly positive. People who go for dark colors, aim for a little more flare with accents that catch the eye like jewelry, scarves, hats or shoes.