Boler School ranks among Bloomberg’s top business schools in America

April 28th, 2016


In Bloomberg’s recent 2016 Business School Rankings, John Carroll University’s Boler School of Business has been named number 30 in top business schools and ranked number 1 in the nation in student preparedness for employment.


Bloomberg has been compiling lists of top business schools in order to guide the selection process of incoming freshmen since 2006.


Bloomberg Businessweek surveyed nearly 30,000 students and the recruiters for almost 600 companies. The employer survey measures recruiter opinions on how well undergraduate programs prepare students for careers at their companies.


This score is a composite of responses from employer surveys. It starts with an analysis from individuals who hire recent business school graduates (weighed at 40 percent of the total score).


Then, there are student survey responses, in regards to how well students feel the school prepared them for a career in business (35 percent of the total), starting salary (15 percent of the total) and the number of students who complete an internship at some point during their undergraduate career (10 percent of the total).


In regards to more specific nationwide categories, John Carroll University placed first in employer surveys, 95 in student surveys, 95 in starting salaries and 45 in internship completions.


John Carroll’s high ranking in the report is made even more impressive when compared to the rankings of other universities. Most notably are JCU’s ranking above Lehigh University (number 32 in overall rankings).


When comparing John Carroll to local business schools, Boler also ranked higher than Case Western’s program.


Going beyond the state of Ohio, John Carroll additionally ranked higher than University of Pittsburgh’s business school as well as Duquesne University’s program, reported Bloomberg.


Laura Atkins, Dean of the Boler School, said, “It’s an awesome achievement that reflects all of the hard work and dedication of the Boler faculty, students and staff.”


Additionally, according to Bloomberg’s study, 70.2 percent of John Carroll students who have undergraduate internships are offered long term employment at their internship location and choose to stay.


As Boler has a relatively high internship rating, this accounts for a large percentage of the business school’s student body. This trend is both good and bad for Boler’s students as well as its overall ranking.


Despite the disparity between employer satisfaction and starting salary, JCU can still count this national ranking as an improvement. Last year, Boler ranked number 77 in the same report.


Editor’s Note: Information from Bloomberg was used in this report.