Trump: media made

April 27th, 2016



In 20 years, this election is going to be studied by political scientists. In their research, they are going to figure out how and why the Donald Trump phenomenon happened. There are a few things we already know. We know that people are angry and they are flocking to Donald Trump because he is telling them what they want to hear. At this point that is very clear and everybody knows that’s one of the reasons for Trump’s success. But what people might not realize, is that how the media is handling this election is a huge factor into Trump’s success as well.


There are many articles every year about the amount of airtime each candidate gets and that definitely plays a role in a candidate’s success. But people have already written about that so that’s not what I will focus on. I want to focus on what the media is covering.


One of the latest headlines coming from the news agency The Hill was this: “Trump coins nickname for Kasich.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is not news. The next one is “Ex-WWE chief: Cruz and Kasich tandem is ‘collusion.’” Again, not news! No one should care what the ex-World Wrestling Entertainment chief has to say about the Cruz/Kasich agreement. The fact that Trump’s nicknames for people gets more press than his utter lack of competence and knowledge about foreign affairs is astounding.


Why do we think he’s winning? It’s because the media isn’t educating the people anymore. The media is doing exactly what Trump is doing, they are telling people what they want to hear. The people hear Trump making these nicknames and jokes and think, “I like that. He’s not a typical politician.” I’ll tell you another reason he’s not a typical politician that the media isn’t doing a very good job of, he doesn’t know anything about policy besides building a wall. It is up to the media to educate people about each candidate. You can’t learn about a candidate if all you hear is what he called his opponents.


Trump would not be at the top of every poll if the media didn’t report on every single insult and dumb thing he said. They reported on the insults more than his actual policy positions.


The media has turned a presidential election into a reality TV show because it’s good for business. If you don’t believe me, just ask Les Moonves who runs CBS. When commenting on the election he said, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.” If that is not proof enough that there needs to be changes in the way elections are covered I don’t know what is. And by the way, I bet you didn’t read about that in the news or see it on TV because it’s not just CBS that’s profiting off of Trump, it’s all the other news networks.


Let me be clear. I’m a good conservative. I love capitalism as much as the next guy, but not when it puts the country’s future in such peril by only showing dumb things a rich guy said in a speech.


I also realize that you are reading this from a newspaper or on The Carroll News website so it might seem a little hypocritical. I can promise you it is not. We have done our best in the World News section to report only real news, not a funny nickname an orange man gave another candidate.