JCU student blog spot Blog: Tarably Tarafied

April 27th, 2016

by Tara Daly, junior

About: Since Tara started college, she has always wanted to blog, but never knew what to write about or how to get started. Tara always thought that a blogger had to be doing something monumental in order to publicly document it. However, Tara now sees that each and every moment in life can be significant. Becoming chaplain of Kappa Delta Sorority has inspired Tara to slow down and take time to appreciate the little things in life. From awkward “weenie-hut-junior” moments to spiritual epiphanies, Tara hopes to capture all the adventures of life with her blog. Busy college students don’t take nearly as much time as needed to take a step back from the hustle and bustle. Thus, Tara hopes her blog is relatable to others, while also providing laughs, puns and positivity to foster that necessary personal reflection.

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Tara’s Favorite Quote: “Think like a proton and stay positive.”

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