JCU student blog spot Blog: Epic Applications

April 27th, 2016

by Ese Osaghae, junior

About: Ese’s blog, “Epic Applications,” is centered around philosophy and how to make small victories in life. Ese got started writing his blog last summer, mainly as something to do for himself. He thought that he needed an avenue to let all the thoughts that circle in his head have a canvas to illustrate them. Ese hopes that he can inspire others to feel great about the little things in life, because a couple of small victories are all you really need. Life is to short to dwell on failures.

A&L Blog Spot Ese

Ese’s blog posts touch upon topics including, “Being Present,” “Energy,” “Limitations,” “Knowing Yourself” and “Being Authentic.” Ese also includes “Snapshots” on roadblocks, failure, fear and doubt, subtlety and inspiration.

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