Trump, Clinton win New York primary

April 21st, 2016



After a long string of loses from both businessman Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton, the two presidential nominee frontrunners won the New York primary, according to NBC News. Senator Bernie Sanders had won the last seven primary votes for the Democratic race, according to The New York Times. Senator Ted Cruz had won the Utah, Colorado and Wisconsin primaries on the Republican side. Both Trump and Clinton were the resounding favorites to win the New York primary, according to the polls.


There were a number of problems at the voting booths the day of the election, according to CNN. The Board of Elections had four times as many calls into the office to report problems. Many Democrats said they were currently listed as Republicans or unaffiliated. A judge ruled early on Election Day that those people would not be granted access to a ballot, according to CNN.


For the Republicans, it is all about the delegate count before the convention. There were 95 delegates up for grabs at the New York primary. In order to win all of those delegates, Trump needed to win 50 percent of the vote in each of the voting districts, according to NBC News. Governor of Ohio John Kasich finished second in the total vote count and took some delegates away from Trump by winning certain districts.


Cruz had a disappointing night by finishing in third place behind Trump and Kasich. Cruz also did not win any delegates after the final results of the primary. Kasich’s team, on the other hand, is optimistic about the future. He had a strong second place finish in New York, and is polling second in many of the upcoming primary elections.


In Trump’s victory speech, he spoke at length about the rules and the way the delegates are being distributed. “It’s really nice to win the delegates with the votes, he said. “You know, it’s really nice. Nobody should be given delegates, which is a ticket to victory, and it’s not a fair ticket, and even though we are leading by a lot and we can’t be caught it’s impossible to catch us, nobody should take delegates and claim victory unless they get those delegates with voters and voting.” He continued, “It’s a crooked system it’s a system that’s rigged and we’re going to go back to the old way.”


Exit polls showed that Trump won six out of ten voters who defined themselves as “very” and “somewhat” conservative voters which he, in the past, has done poorly with, according to The Washington Post.


Senator Sanders, who thought he might surprise some people on Election Day with a strong showing, left the state of New York before the results came in and gave two speeches in Pennsylvania, including one at Penn State University. After those speeches, Sanders flew home to Burlington, Vermont to “recharge,” according to NBC News. Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, went on MSNBC after the race had been called saying that Sanders does not plan on leaving the race and is ready to take the Democratic race all the way to an open convention.


Clinton made it clear not to attack Sanders in her victory speech, but thank him and congratulate him on a good race in New York.


She also talked right to Sanders’ supporters in her speech saying, “I believe there is much more that unites us than divides us,” according to The Los Angeles Times. Clinton all but declared victory in the nomination process for her campaign in her speech after winning the New York primary.


According to ABC News, Clinton said, “The race for the nomination is in the home stretch, and victory is in sight.”


Editor’s Note: Information from ABC News, NBC News, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times was used in this report.