New student organization spreads the love

April 14th, 2016

John Carroll University student organizations are growing. A new student organization that has recently made its announcement publicly this semester is “The Kindness Club.”


“In high school I was voted ‘most likely to brighten someone’s day,’ so when I came to John Carroll University, I knew I wanted to continue spreading kindness to everyone,” said junior communication major and member of The Kindness Club, Melody Nemunaitis.


“My goal is for every student, faculty and staff member to feel welcomed here.”


The Kindness Club wants to live out the University’s mission statement, according to Nemunaitis.


“We create opportunities and events that will help cultivate a culture of kindness on campus,” said Nemunaitis. “We want to encourage people to be kind to everyone, regardless of our differences. It can be difficult at times. However, we have each other to lean on.”

CAMPUS_Kindness Club

The club has put on numerous events on campus this semester, including Kindness Week, where the club had members pass out buttons that said, “Friend Of” and listed the cultural organizations. The club also handed out cookies and stamped people’s hands with a smiley stamp.


“We are blessed for the individuals and cultural organizations who have helped our club,” said Nemunaitis.


The most recent event The Kindness Club has put on was “Kindness Eggstravaganza.” The club hid about 200 eggs around campus with candy and a kindness quote inside.


“We are already planning new projects,” said Nemunaitis. “Our next event will take place during finals week. We will have a cookies station and people can also pose for a picture by writing on a wipe board what makes them happy.”


Other events The Kindness Club is planning on having is a potluck dinner, scavenger hunt, field trips and more.


“Our advisor, Barbara Raymond, is a huge key to our success as well and radiates the spirit of kindness every day” said Nemunaitis.


Any students eager to join The Kindness Club can get involved by emailing Melody Nemunaitis at and by liking their Facebook page, “JCU Kindness Club.”