JCU Student Blog Spot: Love Gingersnaps

April 7th, 2016

by Katie Hills, junior

About: “Love Gingersnaps” features snapshots of food, courtesy of a ginger-haired girl obsessed with food. Katie’s blog entries, as Kate the Kollege Kid, highlight her favorite foods and obsessions with a conversational tone. Rather than posting wordy, multi-paragraph posts, Katie uses tons of mouthwatering pictures to tell her stories. From her first mac and cheese recipe to talking about her undying love for Diet Coke, Katie hopes “Love Gingersnaps” will be a fun-loving and relatable blog that audiences will enjoy in their downtime. In addition to her current posts about foodie favorites, Katie plans to add more about her traveling adventures and tackling new recipes in the future. “Love Gingersnaps” is simply about “your average 20-year-old ginger taking snapshots of food, travel, and pretty much everything in-between.”

A&L Katie Hills

One of Katie’s Instagram posts for “Love Gingersnaps” was recently featured in Buzzfeed’s “listicle,” “21 Food Truths Anyone From Michigan Will Understand.”

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