Go big in CLE

April 6th, 2016


It’s no question John Carroll University grads are doing great things out there in the “real world,” but one alumni in particular is taking exceptional strides. Lauren Kluth, class of 2013, is not only the entrepreneur of a city-wide start-up, but also she is doing so with the help of a current John Carroll student. The Carroll News feels that her business model deserves a shout-out. Not only because she using her degree to start a business, but also beacuse she is also actively including current students in her success by hiring a John Carroll intern.


This is an interesting take on “giving back” to John Carroll. Rather than wait a few years and donate her funds, she has hired a student to help as she expands and further develops CLEseats, an app made to search and reserve a place at Cleveland restaurants. The student intern designs flyers and advertisements and is the voice behind CLEseats’ social media accounts. By providing this student with business experience, Kluth is offering more depth to her resume, ultimately contributing greatly to the student’s post-grad job-search process. “Interning for a start-up is definitely something you don’t see often,” says Raechel Boyko, senior.


The Carroll News feels this business setup is particularly commendable, for it offers current JCU students a chance to test the waters in a startup business. There are a variety of alumni networks offering preferential admission and set spots aside for John Carroll University graduates. The CLEseats example, though, presents students an opportunity to get a real-world look at what their immediate post-grad experience could be as an entrepreneur.


This is a twofold solution for businesses like Kluth’s and for hungry, internship-seeking college students. Kluth gets a cheap (if not free), motivated and well-educated staff while the student gets direct entrepreneurial experience. It is the hope of The Carroll News that more businesses run by JCU alumni, especially start-ups, follow in Kluth’s lead and call for current students so they may gain professional experience and personal growth among representatives of their alma mater.