“Mean Girls” musical in the making confirmed

March 17th, 2016



The iconic 2004 film “Mean Girls” is now being adapted into a musical, thanks to the talented duo, comedian actress and producer Tina Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond.


Although little information about the movie’s musical adaptation has been shared at the time, Fey, who wrote the screenplay for the film, confirmed that she is currently working on the script for a “Mean Girls” musical.


Fey struck gold with her script for the “Mean Girls” film, grossing $129 million across the world according to The Hollywood Reporter, and she is confident that the musical adaptation will be a hit as well.


Richmond, who has composed soundtracks for “30 Rock,” “Baby Mama” and “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” will collaborate with lyricist Nell Benjamin, known for his music contributions for “Legally Blonde: The Musical,” to tackle the music for the new productions.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fey joked the musical will not be ready until “2027,” as preparation for the musical is still in its early stages. Unfortunately, Fey more recently stated that she does not intend on reaching out to members of the original cast to play their respective roles in the musical adaptation. In addition, Fey confirmed that she also would not reprise her onscreen role as math teacher Ms. Sharon Norbury in the stage performance.

Tina Fey

The announcement has caught the public’s attention as audiences are interested to see how the comedy film will translate into a musical.


Freshman Allison Kaminski, an avid “Mean Girls” fan, has high hopes for the musical’s success, predicting that “the musical version could even be better than the movie.”


However, other “Mean Girls” fans are still skeptical about the film’s musical transformation.


Sophomore Evan Kinslow shared, “I think trying to transform the film to fit a musical may be difficult, but I’m eager to see how Regina George’s role will play out. What could truly may make or break the musical is its content.


Junior Jennifer Petnuch shared that the musical adaptation of “Mean Girls” would need to include its “seemingly insignificant one-liners that have been quoted excessively for years – it wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t include those.”


According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fey mentioned in an interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” that the “Mean Girls” musical would feature classic Broadway-style music as opposed to pop-skewing tunes from more recent, modernized musicals such as “Bring It On: The Musical.”


In regard to the status of the “Mean Girls” musical plot-line, Fey stated, “We haven’t finished it yet, but it’s close — yes, pretty close.”


Editor’s Note: Information from The Chicago Tribune, The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Daily News was used in this report.