Apple to introduce new and smaller gadgets next month

March 17th, 2016



Apple Inc. is expected to unveil a new iPhone, iPad and possibly some extra perks. At Apple’s last event, which was six months ago, the company announced the iPhone 6S, iPad Pro, an expansion of Apple Watch designs and updates to iOS.


For this upcoming Apple event, the current speculation is that Apple is about to unveil a new 4-inch iPhone, a smaller iPad Pro, additional Watch bands and a chance to launch an update to iOS 9.


Big phones may be in-style, but Apple isn’t done making smaller ones. CBS News reported that Apple has been at work on a new 4-inch iPhone, its first since the iPhone 5S in 2013. It will be named the iPhone SE. This new 4-inch iPhone is essentially going to be a mixture of the iPhone 6 and 6S but in a body resembling an iPhone 5.


According to Bloomberg, the iPhone SE will have an A9 processor, just like the iPhone 6S does; an 8-megapixel rear camera; and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera of the iPhone 6. It’s also reported to include a Touch ID fingerprint sensor and NFC so it can be used for Apple Pay.


Only one major feature is believed to be missing: 3D Touch, which appears to be staying exclusive to the 6S and 6S Plus for now. 3D Touch allows the user to multitask and visualize multiple screens and apps at once.


Apple is expected to slightly update its 4-inch iPhone design to make it look a bit more like the 6 and 6S. Mainly, that will mean having glass that curves ever so slightly at the edges, creating the rounded look one sees on the 6 and 6S’s front. Otherwise, it’s believed to look similar to the 5 and 5S.


The iPhone SE is reported to come in Apple’s full range of colors: gray, silver, gold and rose gold. For price, it will take the iPhone 5S’s slot at the bottom of Apple’s phone lineup, selling for $450 or  $18.75 per month on a two-year payment plan.


While Apple is expected to introduce a new 9.7-inch iPad this month, Bloomberg reported that it may go under the iPad Pro name, instead of in the Air line.


Like the 12.9-inch Pro unveiled last year, this new 9.7-inch model will have four speakers, stylus support, additional RAM and a faster processor, and be available in a 128GB storage capacity according to CBS News. It is rumored to have a connector on its side for attaching a keyboard case, which will allow the iPad Pro transform into more than a standard iPad.


Although new watches are not scheduled to be released yet, Apple plans to show new color options, and potentially bands made out of new materials or in partnership with additional high-fashion brands, according to The Washington Post.


Alongside the new bands, Apple may release a small update to watchOS, version 2.2, to coincide with the event. It includes an updated version of Apple Maps and the ability to use multiple Watches with a single iPhone.


IOS 9.3 is not a major update to iOS, but it does have a few key features. They include a toggle that changes your iPhone’s or iPad’s display to use colors that are easier on your eyes at night, the ability to create notes locked away by Touch ID, and some improved Apple News recommendations.


Apple is adding a series of education features, including the ability to create profiles for multiple students on a single iPad, tools for managing iPads across a school and the ability for teachers to launch specific apps and websites on a classroom of iPads and check in on each student to see that they’re following along.


Editor’s Note: Information from Bloomberg, CBS News and The Washington Post was used in this report.