Vigilance, efficiency, and awareness

March 16th, 2016


“There is a bomb at John Carroll.” These seven words rattled John Carroll University the evening of Monday, March 14, at 5:39 p.m. An email response to the note found in Grasselli Library at 9:30 a.m. that morning was sent out by the John Carroll Police Department and classified as a “low-level threat.” Although JCUPD insisted the event was being taken care of and there was no need for the community to panic. The Carroll News is dissatisfied that it took seven hours to distribute the information.


There is no doubt that JCUPD is a trusted entity on campus. However, it is the opinion of The Carroll News that this instance was not announced to the community body in a timely manner. JCU Chief of Police, Brian Hurd, and his organization are to be commended– they tackled the issue swiftly and efficiently. The police chief now, and has always, called upon the community to be observant of anything suspicious and to report it as soon as possible, a noteworthy and important concept.


JCUPD has proven that its officers keep a vigilant watch over John Carroll University.  A potential issue was swiftly resolved. However, The Carroll News would appreciate getting announcements on such matters sooner. It would like to spread the word that the department is continuing to investigate the matter. If students, faculty and staff wish to learn more about the process and approach, check out the link.


On a lighter note…


A new course called “Soul Food and Food for the Soul,” is connecting religion, culture and gastronomy as part of the new integrative core affecting the current freshmen class. Students sign up for two separate classes that are connected in content, thus adding a deeper learning component. The new core, as said in previous editorials, takes a positive role in developing further knowledge and understanding of class topics.


The class is taught by Terry Mills and Cory Wilson. This semester students had the opportunity to take a trip to an authentic Ethiopian restaurant, enjoy the food and learn about another culture. This is a truly new and exciting way of bringing different cultures together.


This class in particular, as mentioned by Wilson, is meant to raise students’ awareness of “the powerful interconnectivity that exists between spirituality, culture and food.” The parallels that can be made in this class are plenty, therefore students should consider embracing the intellectual ambiance and the perks of great food.