The Islamic State group leaks information on 22,000 people

March 16th, 2016


Confidential documents from the Islamic State group were leaked to Sky News on Thursday, March 10. On some of the documents were questions like, “What is your Sharia or religious level,” “Who recommended you,” “What is your previous jihad experience,” and “are you more of a fighter or a suicide attacker?”


Sky News reported Thursday, March 10 that they obtained tens of thousands of documents with the most personal information from Islamic State group terrorists. In Turkey, a Sky News reporter met with the Islamic State group subversive, Abu Hamed, who said he quit the group because it stopped following the Islamic law and grew increasingly disappointed with its leadership. He stated he stole a memory stick from the organization’s internal security police and handed it to the reporter, according to The Guardian.


The memory stick contained documents with names, addresses, telephone numbers and blood types of militants. To be inducted to the Islamic State group, future terrorists had to fill out a 23-question form. The leak of the 122 documents revealed the names of 22,000 people from at least 40 countries that are part of the terrorist group, according to The Guardian.


Sky News stressed the importance of these documents, since they identify many previous unknown terrorists in the UK, northern Europe, the United States, Canada, North Africa and the Middle East. The identification and the whereabouts of these terrorists can be important in breaking the terrorist group and preventing future attacks. The documents show that many of these men  were unchecked or undocumented, making them able to enter Syria and leave to return home, according to Sky News.


Department of Political Science adjunct professor Mona DeBaz stated, “It will probably take a while before all these individuals are identified.” Debaz also noted that Hamed went to the media voluntarily, which could indicate that perhaps there are multiple militants that would like to leave the terrorist organization, but do not really have any other option. DeBaz said it would be interesting to see how the authorities will handle this information.


The leak comes after U.S. special forces arrested a top chemical engineer from the Islamic State group, Sleiman Daoud al-Afari, after a raid in Iraq last month, which the U.S. confirmed earlier this week, according to The Associated Press. Al-Afari is now providing information about the Islamic State group’s chemical weapons plans, according to The Guardian. It is believed that the Islamic State has set up a special unit for chemical weapons, consisting of people who used to work for the former Military Industrialization Organization of Saddam Hussein, which included Al-Afari, The Associated Press reported.


The Guardian stated the organization is believed to have used mustard gas at least twice, have fired mortar shells and rockets with poisonous substances, causing over 40 people to suffer from choking and skin irritation.


The information provided by the leaked  documents and Al-Afari could be useful for the international community in the continuous battle against the Islamic State group in the Middle East.


Editor’s Note: Information from The Associated Press, CNN, Sky News and The Guardian was used in this report.