Yinzer turned Clevelander creates stunning artwork of West Side Market

February 25th, 2016

Dane Horvath, an artist, designer, and blogger from Pittsburgh, created her blog in 2010 based on Pittsburgh’s history, architecture and art scene entitled “Steeltown Anthem.” Horvath, who is primarily an artist, showcases her work by way of her blog.


Horvath has recently moved to Cleveland and wants to focus her posts on both Cleveland and Pittsburgh inspirations. In addition to her blog, Horvath owns Re/Dress, a plus-size vintage and modern shop in Lakewood.


According to, Horvath mentioned that she thinks  the blog will be an interesting way for her to reach out to her friends and family once she moved away from Pittsburgh. Reflecting on her memorable experiences so far in her new home of Cleveland, Horvath says one of her favorite places in the city is the Cleveland Museum of Art.


“I kind of just drive around a lot and get lost on my own,” said Horvath in an interview. Horvath states that Cleveland is similar Pittsburgh in the way that everyone is friendly.


Horvath features her artwork primarily through her blog, which demonstrate her unique artistic spin on well-known landmarks in the city. Her most recent illustration is Cleveland’s West Side Market.


When asked about what style of architecture she normally likes to illustrate, Horvath says that she likes structures that are simple and modern. However, Horvath has lately taken an interest toward more ornate and Gothic buildings. What peaked Horvath’s interest in illustrating the West Side Market is that it’s a prominent landmark in Cleveland that triggers a feeling of envy, since Pittsburgh doesn’t have something like it.


Horvath enjoys taking elements of a structure and aspects of architecture and then playing them up with colors.


A&L WestSideMarket

According to, Horvath explains that she predominantly uses orange in her West Side Market artwork because Clevelanders are Browns’ fans.


Horvath refers to Cleveland as the “city of underdogs.”


“I think that people don’t give Cleveland enough credit and I was guilty of that because I didn’t know what was here. It’s more raw here,” said Horvath. “There are artists in these old beat up warehouses and you guys more focused on taking these warehouses and converting them to mixed spaces. The one thing that I did not like about Pittsburgh that was happening that it was totally condo-driven and starting to get really overpriced with rent because we have Google and other places moving in. Whereas Cleveland is a couple years behind and I’m really enjoying that aspect of it where I’m still trying to figure out your art scene and a lot of the artists get nice grants here and it’s more diverse in my opinion. “


Fans of Horvath’s artwork are asking her to create a piece of artwork of Terminal Tower in Cleveland next, however Horvath has some reservations about this idea, mentioning that the tower’s angles are a little weird to her to showcase in her artwork.


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